I got my copy of "On the Record"!

Hi Guys!

I love the CD and the show I think I would enjoy, and we musn't forget that this is a musical revue, so i doubt we could expect a great storyline. The music works wonderfully together, took me a while to get used to the orchestrations, perhaps would have been better with a larger band with a couple of strings.

Can't fault the choice of male cast ;)

I think everyone is amazing, but I have to say, despite other peoples' remarks on the board, I am not a huge fan of 'A Change In Me'. I love the song, but I find the version a little rushed and her voice has a bit too much vibrato, not pure enough for the role. Not sure I would fancy on seeing her as Belle, but if I did I could be proven wrong as I have with other Belles. Just this version didn't cut it for me.

Fave moments on the album are definately You'll Be In My Heart, Just Around The Riverbend/Strangers Like Me/Colors of the Wind and Can You Feel...../Belle.

It's a shame, because I don't think the show will be presented outside of North America, I doubt it would appeal to European audiences, perhaps would work for a few dates in S.E Asia.

Have a magical day!

David xxx


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I'm a huge fan of Disney medleys when done well...
Parade of the Stars
Cinderella's Surprise Celebration

On The Record is no exception. My favorite sequence is the 'flying' medley. I have not seen the show, but I've heard it's a fun time. I'd love to see it set up at Downtown Disney or on the Cruise Lines or something like that.

Andrew Samonsky, the young male lead on the CD, is actually an acquaintance of mine from college. Glad to see he's doing well.
And sorry folks, to my understanding, his real-life girlfriend plays the ingenue in the show.