I got my copy of "On the Record"!

I am only 3/4 through disc 1 (of 2)...but I had to log on here and say GO get your copy of "On the Record"!!

I had a review typed out but due to a missing "subject" line, I had to go "back" and the whole message was gone.

Basically, my fav is track 3. Songs weave through one another beautifully and many of the songs have swapped the expected gender assignment (i.e. a guy sings "I Won't Say I'm in Love" and "When She Loved Me".)

But look for it in the showtune section or the kids section. Stores may file it differently.



Okay.... I will come out of the closet.

Being a high school drama teacher, I will admit, ONLY on this forum, that I am straight. Please dont tell anyone, it will ruin my credibility.

Anyway, I got this album, and found it....... mildly enjoyable. Once I file it alphabetically into my musical cd collection, it probably wont get played nearly as much as my other musicals, and not even close to my disney collection. Basically I found it to be just another version of songs I already have, not bad, not great, just different.

The plot, from what I can tell, is rice paper thin. Nice voices by all, but none stood out in my opinion. I will be looking forward to performing this with my kids once it is available... not for any great production values or anything, but just simply because it will be an excuse to do disney songs (and Im sure the royalties will be cheap with a big pull for audiences..... can you say $$$ for the drama department?).

Thats my straight two cents.

Tim C


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Lazlo said:

just checking: does everybody else on the forum find LemSiddoms really anoying? I mean he's always so rude in everything he says. Shame on him. "

Getting off to a good start with your first post, huh?
ok now that you have offended me and it takes a lot to do that. If you have seen the show you would have a better understanding of the music, its NOT just Disney songs they are arranged to tell a pretty sweet story... The compliation of music is done very well. Like I have said before the show is not worthy of broadway however I would love to see this show make its way to the cruise ships or even the resorts....


I can?t wait to get my copy of the CD! I went to Borders tonight but they were sold out. I?m going to be CD hunting tomorrow until I find it. I just about went crazy when I heard that it was like Kids of the Kingdom singing Disney?s best! (I LOVE Kids of the Kingdom)

?Yall have a good night and LET?S TRY TO GET ALONG! Let?s talk about MUSIC! : )

Why do you care? Are you interested ;) ..... Now lets focus on MUSIC! If you love KOK (Kids of the Kingdom) you'll fall off your rocker for this cd...
Sorry to have caused such a raucus (sp?)! I didn't know my zealousness would create such havoc! ???

I have been listening to my CDs now for 2 days. I still love 'em. After I am done, I am sure I will go back to some of my older discs and such...then in a few months dust these 2 off and enjoy them again.

So enjoy the music...enjoy your day...enjoy your life!
Peace out!


I'm just trying to separate the men from the boys (and, trust me, it's not easy when they BOTH like Broadway show tunes!)

I'd suggest a crowbar...

To keep on thread, I picked up the CDs earlier this week, and it's pretty decent. It probably won't be in heavy rotation, but there are some good performances, and some fun things as well. I think my fave is the multi-lingual Be Our Guest...took me a minute to recognize the Japanese as Japanese. :)
The part Scott is speaking of (The Be Out Guest) section is very cute, it shows the way the add vocals to a movie in different languages. Its neat because as they are singing a screen lowers and they show the video of lumiere performing Be our Guest while the singer perform the music under the screen.... Another cute but similar segment is the cinderella segment, it this scene they domonstrate the way the edit the vocals and add pitch and demension to the vocals, pretty cool....
I saw it in person Sunday night. I thought it was alright. However, I think they could have easily adapted a story to go with it like the Mamma Mia musical did with the Abba music. Regardless, they all did a great job of singing. Some of the guys were a little too flamboyant, but still it was good all in all.