I cried again...

We had a friend over to the house tonight who hadn't seen Toy Story 2. :eek:

During the When She Loved Me - Sarah MacLaughlin montage, I teared up again. I've posted it here before, and I'm posting it here again. For me, that is one powerful Disney/Pixar moment in the tradition of so many other great & powerful Disney moments. Combination of well-crafted story, great animation and, of course, incredibly powerful Disney music.

My friends are always amazed to hear me recount the tale that the only movie ever to make me shed a tear is TS2! An incredible movie.

BTW, my daughter is off to college this fall. :'(


I feel ya, Ace.

That was the last movie I saw with my first gf and a couple days later she dumped me with little warning. So of course the song took on a whole new level of meaning. When the Oscars rolled around I was watching them with my Mom and the song was nominated. When Sarah McLachlan performed it I just fell apart and my Mom thought I was insane. :'(

Still gets me pretty bad, though I'm happy to report I'm getting married in September, so no worries. :)
That happens to me when thinking about "lost" Disney attractions. :-

However, you're a lucky man, Mike. Because I am sure your daughter will *always* love you. ;)

In the original words of 9-Eye, "Get me outta here before I rust..."

P.S. I never thought about this, but I think it'd be nice to have the DLP version of the Timekeeper theme in Walt Disney World sometime... :p


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Grrrr....you're making me think about Raggedy Ann again, Mike.....


Thanks for sharing such an intimate moment with us, Mike--it is a wonderful scene--but as you say, that's what happens when song and story blend to create one of those legendary "Disney magical moments"(sorry for the cliche) we're always waiting for--and which is why I sometimes get upset when film songs are minimal, or simply non-existent, as they add so much to creating a mood, and having that feeling rattle your emotions(of course, a daughter going off to college has also got to play in there......my son turned 13 in February, another milestone......wow......).

Sounds like you currently might want to stay away from Dumbo and "Baby Mine"--but then again, maybe you shouldn't.........

I guess I was more farsighted than most, because I actually kept most of the toys I had as a kid. Of course, most of them were the cartoon character tie-in variety.

Now there's an interesting concept... What if someone combined the TOY STORY and ROGER RABBIT ideas and had character toys from all the different studios (Disney, Hanna-Barbera, Lantz, Terrytoons, etc) coming to life and intracting with each other?

Wouldn't you know it, I just gave away a $40 million idea. Just my luck, don'tcha know.