why do you ask? well i bought all of the 50th anniversary cd releases for a cheap price! First on May 5th i bought my 6 cd set $124 regular price i got it for $64.00 YAY!( i had a cast member discount for 50 percent off) then i got the two disc set regular price $24.95 i got it for $16. And then i bought the happiest celebration cd for $10 at a discounted music store. And finally i am getting the music to "parade of dreams"! My best friend is in the parade so he's giving me a copy. It's not official and not to be DISTRIBUTED which i cannot do but at least i can listen to it whenever my heart desires.


It was a special cupon that I forgot I had....DANG IT!!!!! Also as much as I love being happy for other people you are really just rubbing it in our face with that post.

I forgot to mention my college education discount. You see, the price of the merchandise isn't actually decreased, but rather the percentage of which it consumes of my disposable income.


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CMs only get 10% off on media items such as DVDs, Cds, etc...

Forgive me for being skeptical but could you please explain in greater detail?


We actually get full A or B discount for the set and cds, for DVDs only 10% unless you go to the studio store. As far as the 50% off at Cast Blast this year they gave CM's a 50% ticket to be used once. So it could happen.

i used the cast blast ticket (50percent off ) for my cd set thats why i got it so cheap!Evrey cast member that came to that event got a ticket book and in the ticket book there was a coupon for one item of your choice 50 percent off! Lucky me i got like three because i left and came back again (hehehe) also when i purchased the two disc set the girl at the register did not know what she was doing ( i think she was a new hire) so she gave me more discount that i was suppossed to get (evil laugh) anyways; the longer you stay with the company you get more discount so in the long run you really save a lot of money!. I used my three tickets on the six disc set, my 50th jacket, and the 50th castle playset! damn i sure saved a lot of money=0)


Congratulations on your great bargain! :D

I have heard that Disney can sometimes be a challenge to work for, so I am glad to see some of the employees get a little perk now and then.

Enjoy your CD's!!!