Humphry the Bear song WANTED!

anyone have the original version of:

"First you stick a rag, put it in the bag, (bomp bomp) then you bend your back, put it in the sack, (bomp bomp) that's the way it's done, it's a lot of fun, (bomp bomp) cutting capers, putting papers in the bag."

I have it on the House of Mouse CD, but it's a (pretty darn good) remake...but was the original version ever released??

Thanks in advance!!




Scheduled to be released on the upcoming Disney Treasures DVD "Disney Rarities: Celebrated Shorts, 1920s - 1960s " on December 6, 2005

That's probably the only place its gonna be, has any song from a short been released on a album?
An instrumental version from The Mickey Mouse Club, "The Humphrey Hop," was reissued on the CD "Classic Disney Volume V."

The great original cartoon, "In the Bag" is on the new Walt Disney Treasures DVD, "Disney Rarities," which just hit the shelves last Tuesday.

I may have something better for you. I obtained some acetate recordings on ebay several years ago. They have the Walt Disney Production green labels on the disc. Written in pen on one of them is "Humphrey Hop" date 5/13/55. It was recorded in 78rpm speed. Fortunately I have a 78 player that I can record to my hard drive which I just did and now have it transferred to a mp3 file. It is only an intrumental. May have been used for animaters to help in making the cartoon, I am not sure. It have lots of crackles as do most 78s, but it still has a nice sound. I wonder if it might be George Bruns and his band performing? Anyway, PM me and I will send you the mp3 file. Merry Christmas!

Hi everybody, I'm new to the board. Let me just say before we go any further, I have the song "Humprey Hop" from the album "Classic Disney - Vol. 5" on a cassette tape. The original was from a cartoon "In The Bag" and it was featured on 2 of the WWOC episodes "A Square Peg In A Round Hole" and "The Ranger of Brownstone". Anybody remember it?