How do I download music from alt.binaries.multimedia.disney?


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Forgive me for asking such a simple question. How do I save the mp3's posted to alt.binaries.multimedia.disney? I've got an mp3 player, but simply saving the messages and changing the file extension doesn't seem to work.

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It really depends on what newsreader you are using. Outlook Express requires that all parts of a message be highlighted, then right click and choose Combine and Decode. XNews and Newsshark (and I think Forte's news products [the Agest series]) combine the message parts into one easy to download header.

Here is a site that explains the process a little bit better

I use XNews and have no trouble.

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I have a Mac, and Outlook Express is unable to "combine and decode".... Is there anyone out there with a Mac who can give me some advice on how to "combine and decode" mp3s from the newsgroup?



Forget about OE for dowloading binaries... and use MT-NewsWatcher (it's free!) instead

There are two versions of MT-NewsWatcher available, one for Mac OS 8/9 and one for Mac OS X.

Both are great apps.