Horizons question.

rob kilbride

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During the first part of the ride where we look at what people thought the future would be like in the past, there are some animated segments showing futuristic vehicles etc. which appears to be from a Disney short film or television program. Can someone please tell me what this is originally from?
If you're talking about the section before the "Future from the 50s" with the three dominant screens, I believe what you're thinking of is called "Magic Highways of Tomorrow." What a shame that it can't be seen on Vault Disney anymore... :-[ :'( :mad:
some screens had changed over the years for the "looking back at tomorrow segment" They originally contained clips of Charlie Chaplin and Fritz Lang's Metropolis. Then it went to the likes of Flash Gordon or something (My Memory is hazy is this department.

The Third Screen is from Walt Disney/Disneyland Presents: Magic Highways USA.

If you're interested in seeing it you could probably find it amongst video traders. The segment is the very last in the show.

I'd send it up somewhere but I've only got it on a VHS tape.

Good luck finding it I'm sure it's out there.




Don't be too sad. I'd wager we have a better than average chance of "Highways of Tomorrow" showing up on the Disney Treasures Tomorrowland DVD coming out later this year.

X-S Tech

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Magic Highways USA is one of my favorite episodes of the Tomorrowland shows however it seemed to get very little airtime on Vault Disney compared to the Man in Space (Mars, Moon, etc..) episodes. I sincerely hope that Highway and some of the other lesser well known episodes get presented as well.
If the "Highways of Tomorrrow" Segment makes it to the Treasures box for tomorrowland it wouldnt be very long. It's only about 5 minutes or so with the rest of "Magic Highways USA" encompassing mostly the history of highways and how modern highways are built.

For those of you REALLY into attractions, Magic Highways USA has clips that were used in another attraction... World of Motion.

Certain portions of the beginning segments about the history of Highways were used on the left hand screen "wall" during the 4 way traffic jam sequence ( you know...where the horse is being calmed down...chicken and produce are everywhere and 3-4 cars are honkin' away).



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Wasn't footage from that also used in the Rocket Rods queue? I seem to remember that being shown on part of the old CircleVision screens.