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1. How long were these tracks out there for? Where did they originate from?

2. Where does the Load Music play? In live recordings I'm hearing "New Horizons" in the background.

3. I do not believe that the Horizons audio without the Tape Imagineer is the same as the one with it. Some of them are the same, but I do not believe all of them are. Unless my ears are deceiving me, the two Load Music versions are slightly different. (One of them seems sped up.) Also, the "Early Inventions and Jules Verne Scene Music" does not appear in the collection of ones without the Tape Imagineer.

4. Are these Tape Engineer tracks public? Are the ones with the 192 bit rate the "high quality" ones? How did they go public?

5. The high quality 14 minute exterior loop that's circulating is missing a three second or so intro. Also, is this all there is to the loop?


The load music plays when you first enter the building. Here's a recording I find on Youtube, it's not mine.

As for the loop I have heard somewhere that George Wilkins composed 30-40 minutes of area music but the only thing I can find is the 14 minute "exit" loop on Rodentsections.


I never got a chance to ride Horizons :( so I am not really sure but in the videos I have seen it plays while you are boarding the vehicles. The song New Horizons plays throughout the queue.


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You might want to check out blm07's wiki site, as he has a lot of information on Horizons posted.

There is a set of high quality "Imagineer" tracks, in addition to several lower quality versions. I have seen the lower quality versions at 192k bit rate, so I don't think just trying to find the tracks in that bitrate will get you what you want.

The files with the track information cut out are the same, the audio is no different. But, depending on what version of the tracks you have, there could be differences in audio quality (e.g., pitch, etc...).

These have been out for a long time and where they originated from is best, I think, left to the imagination.

There are also several versions of the area music out. I don't recall the version I have missing anything, but I can check. I do recall the quote above about there being 30-40 of score, but from discussions with other collectors that I had (when the quote came out), it looks like there is only 14 minutes.


On the Horizons torrent the 14 minute loop is called the exit loop. Maybe it is part of the area music.


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Years ago, I had a friend working in the archives. and Those "imagineer" tracks I believe you are referring to are the ones that have the Studio markers with the tape label, ID - " BEEP BEEP tape A3 Undersea tunnel BEEP BEEP" is that what you are refering to? if so, those are the master Analog Tape 24 track reel to reel that were used during the Digital conversion, those tapes were in the archives, but a few of us had access to friends who pulled the audio right off the console for prosperity sake. Hope that answers some questions.