Hoot Gibson Rides again......at WDW

some time back we were talking about the name of the owl who was going to be the "star" of the Western River Expedition at WDW (so he said in the attraction prevue display.......) Anyway, his name was Hoot Gibson...... The other nite there was this thing about movie stars in Hollywood during the 1920's & 1930's........and as they named off some of the popular
western actors of the day.......I swear i heard "Hoot Gibson" !! (now I know I have Western River Expedition on the brain......but I know I wasn't hearing things!!).....I did a search, and sure enough there was a real Hoot Gibson back in the 20's & 30's..........(and he not an owl)



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That's why the owl had that name. To parody the real actor. I always thought it was a cute tribute.
Speaking of Hoot, a live recording of the post Walt Disney Story spiel he did that promoed the Western River Expedition, is the last piece of "lost" WDW attraction audio I'm still looking for now that some other items on my wanted list were recently taken care of.