honey i shrunk the audience


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Does anyone know who sings the song, while you're in the room waiting to go into honey i shrunk the audience? (When they're showing the kodak pictures.)
Are you talking about "True Colors?" If so, I'm not too sure who sings it. However, the preshow has now been replaced by a song-less set of ads for Kodak. :-[
If it is "True Colors", the Kodak company song, it might be the recording made by Eva Cassidy found on her 'American Tune' album. Click here http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...nce&s=music for a sample on amazon.com. (I can't remember if this is the version at HISTA.) The American Boychoir, based out of Princeton, NJ, recorded the track for Kodak television commercials and is most likely recorded the children's section of the film. I'm not sure who the male voice is.

Interestingly enough, those of you who were young the same time I was might remember the Cyndi Lauper album entitled 'True Colors'. (Crazy, huh, that Cyndi was the first to record this.) If my research is correct, the tune was written by Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly and originally offered to Anne Murray who rejected it for its slow tempo. Anyway, the Eva Cassidy cover of this tune is beautiful; don't go too far out of your way to hear Cyndi's original. (And we're complaining about Julie Andrews' croaking voice. . .)