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I don't know if I'm alone here, but I REALLY like the songs from "Home on the Range" (I hope I'm not contradicting an earlier post of mine) I have always loved "Will the Sun Ever Shine Again", but "Patch of Heaven" and "Wherever the Trail May Lead" are also really great songs. I only wish the Beu Sisters track wasn't "messed around with".

I was rather touched when I heard on the DVD that "Will the Sun Ever Shine Again" was Menken's response to 9/11. Now...if only the movie were as good as the music.


No, you're not alone! I'm starting to appreciate the soundtrack more and more since I first listened to it in March. They should indeed have used the 'Anytime You Need a Friend' from Alan Menken himself insteed of those Beu Sisters.

Yesterday I tried to rip the instrumental background music from the Home on the Range DVD menus with several utilities but without luck. I simply was unable to locate them. I will give it another shot after the weekend.

X-S Tech

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I still haven't seen the film (bad X-S, bad bad), but the music is catchy enough on it's own. The subject matter seems a bit more trivial than some of Menken's past stuff, but his tunes are always great.

Is there a 2 Disc DVD version of this planned?
I don't think you necessarily contradicted yourself, Bill(I haven't gone back to check your original post)--I think you liked at least a few of the songs, but I definitely don't recall the blissful state you seem to be in......

I've always thought Little Patch of Heaven and Will the Sun Ever Shine Again were really nice, especially the infectious Little Patch of Heaven(I haven't listened to k. d. lang in a LONG time--saw her in concert back in the late 80's). But I still don't like a reference to urinary incontinence in a title song--besides, by using Depends, your saddle doesn't have to reek anymore.....


P. S. When do you all think we'll get songs like this again? Will the sun ever shine again???

Rich T.

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I've said it before, but this one of my all time favorite movie scores, and I love the film, too. Menken did a fantastic job. "Will the Sun Ever Shine Again" is a great, moving sequence that became the film's emotional core with its montage of all the central characters' losses.

I do love the film (especially its character designs), but these are my only real complaints about it:

1) Buck should have been the main character (he's the one who has the biggest emotional shock in the film and faces the "Life-Changing Moment of Decision.")


2) They should have kept the title "Sweating Bullets" and stuck with the cowardly-bull theme.

3) They should have made better use of Menken's "You Ain't Home on the Range" than play it as a background for a slapstick intro that has little to do with the lyrics.

4) They needed a bit more of a build-up to Slim's yodeling as a secret weapon. As it is, it's kind of abrupt.

I enjoyed it more on DVD than in the theater. Half the film takes place at night or in caves, and the theater I saw it in had such a dim projector bulb that it was hard to make out what was going on! That mine chase makes a lot more sense now! :) One of the many things I love about the DVD is the use of the wonderful charicatured "Cookie" versions of the characters in the menus, extras, and bonus short.

The deleted scenes were interesting, and boy, am I glad they dropped the song "Heroes, Villains and Cows" as well as the mariachi butterflies. Yikes!

- Rich