Holiday Esplanade Loop


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Just a heads up for those music buffs at Disneyland. Walking through the esplanade today I noticed they had a new Holiday Loop playing that included music from Small World Holiday and Haunted Mansion Holiday. I don't know if this was just a temporary thing for the taping this weekend, or if it's a permanent holiday change.

Should also note that the volume on this loop was really really low and barely audible in the more crowded areas, but it's a nice touch anyway.


As I understand it, the Magic Kingdom at WDW started playing it's Christmas loop two days after Halloween :)

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Disneyland did this last year too, but I don't know if anyone ever assembled an actual playlist.


I remember hearing that esplanade loop last year, too, but unfortunately was never able to get ahold of a full list. :( I do remember hearing a few non-Christmas songs in there, though - I remember laughing at how out of place they were. I'm pretty sure one of them was from Parade of Dreams... the finale unit, if I'm remembering correctly? Anyways, I suppose it made sense since it was a 50th thing, but it was funny to hear it thrown in with a bunch of Christmas music. :p


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Here's what I got from last night:

01. Small World Holiday Clock Parade
02. Small World Holiday Medley
03. Santa Claus is Coming to Town - Frontierland Christmas Loop
04. Haunted Mansion Holiday - Graveyard Loop
05. Haunted Mansion Holiday - Over the Graveyard
06. Deck the Halls/Buffalo Girls - Frontierland Christmas Loop
07. Christmas Fantasy Parade Medley
08. Sleigh Ride
09. Silver Bells
10. Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick
11. Winter Wonderland
12. Parade of Dreams Medley

Aprox Running Time: 32 minutes.

Not sure about the versions for the tracks 8, 9 and 11. I know the version of Sleigh Ride I've heard before but I can't quite place it.


The Christmas Fantasy Parade medley is the first float loop, I believe.
The Parade of Dreams medley is the finale unit loop.


I think the version of sleigh ride they use seems to be the same version that got used in the GAP ads from several years ago. =P There were 3 versions of the commercial but they all had a group of people morphing into 1 person and then splitting off and skating and such..

heck lemme try and youtube it. here we go.

Side note. Whenever it morphs into 1 kid(in the middle and at the end), that's my cousin! ;D


Oooh, thanks for the information, everyone! Do you mind if I add this to my site? (I'm slowly catching up on updating!)