Hocus Pocus Soundtrack?


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Hello everyone... I have a general question... I was wondering if there was a soundtrack released for Hosuc Pocus? I know there is a promo only soundtrack of the score that I was finally able to download online, there is a copy on ebay right now but it is going for well over $300!. Anyway.. I was wondering if there was ever a commercial soundtrack available? I am mainly looking for Sarah Jessica Parker's song in the move; "Come Little Children" Any help would be great.. thanks!
Hmm. To respond or not to respond, that is the question.

Sometimes those of us who are old and crotchety take more than just a day or two to respond; instant gratification is not a hallmark of our group. A little bit of googling is always your best and first bet. From the scorereviews.com website:

That Debney's score never was given an official release is, simply put, a disaster. However, Debney released a promotional CD, that unfortunately is out of print, and extremely hard to find, which also is a big shame, of course. If I had to pick one score, of the many promotional discs Debney has released, that should get a proper release, Hocus Pocus would without doubt be it. This score is, at least for me, a classic, and one of the reasons John Debney is one of my favorite composers.

Here's the rest: http://www.scorereviews.com/reviews/review.aspx?id=155

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Thanks so much for the response.. I had pretty much figured this out but wanted to verify..

The song is not included on the promo, by the way... only the score.

Yes, I know the song is not on the promo... I was able to download the hard-to-find promo...


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I really enjoy the song "Come Little Children" and wish it was otherwise available. Dr. Know, I take it that because the track is not on the promo CD, then it isn't available, short of ripping it directly from the DVD. Correct?


I've been looking for a clean copy of I put a spell on you since the movie came out. Every version I have has the lines from the movie in it over the song. BOOOOOO!
I was going to post the link to a website that had all the songs from this movie, but it is gone now. Sorry. It is a shame some movies never get a Soundtrack release.


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If it could be any indication,
that recent sell-out release of BABY: SECRET OF THE LOST LEGEND might mean that Intrada Records may have slow, but sure access to a few choice Disney releated scores like HOCUS POCUS.

Keep your fingers crossed. ;)