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I don't think anyone else has posted about this yet, but I can't seem to get the search feature to work correctly for me, so IDK for sure.

I recently acquired a promotional copy of the score for the "Haunted Mansion" movie, composed by Mark Mancina. Not to be confused with the 20 min, 1-track "For Your Consideration" promo that came out last year, this one has 46 tracks and runs just over 79 minutes in length.

The previous promo featured very little of the GGG theme -- I assume do the academy's new rules on the percentage of previously-released music within a score for the score to be considered "original" -- whereas this one never holds back and it's great to hear the theme in full orchestra, woven into the score. Although I greatly enjoy the music, 79 minutes is definetely an overblown running time. Since some tracks are less than 45 seconds long, though, I assume that this is just about every note of music composed for the film, and hense why it's so long, as some tracks could definetely have been edited together to form a better listening experience.

Anyways, I mainly posted this just to let people actually know that this is out there in case anyone was a really big fan of the movie's score.

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Also, with that (just announcing that an album actually exists), why hasn't anyone else taken up the task of continuing on the database started by this website? There seems to be enough people here that between all the frequent posters (and even some of us who are mainly lurkers) that just about every Disney and Disney-related album that currently is released is purchased by SOMEBODY.

:: shrugs :: I'm just surprised no one else seems to think it's silly that the database hasn't been updated AND THUS hasn't taken it upon themselves to do so. Or, with that, I'm curious as to why Trent hasn't let anyone simply update THIS site? Is it just that no one volunteered or was interested? Doesn't anyone else hate searching through the forums to find a comprehensive list of albums?! Or am I simply out of the loop and some other site has popped up which is currently catalouging new releases?

I've been coming here for years (but am far from a frequent poster, and I also don't read anywhere near every post) and although I realize it's BEEN years since the database was updated, it finally got to me the other day when I went trying to find a list of all the Wonderland Music releases. I was able to find the list here on the boards, but IDK. There's gotta be an easier way, or a way to revive the database, or something! :)

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And going back to The Haunted Mansion promo, here's the tracklisting for anyone who's interested:

1. The Haunted Mansion - Disney Logo - Opening Title (3:58)
2. Manipulating the Buyers (1:45)
3. Take Off for the Weekend (0:36)
4. Whacking a Spider (0:30)
5. Phone Call (1:01)
6. Drive to the Mansion (0:44)
7. Can't Get In (1:09)
8. Gates Open (1:02)
9. Dead People in the Backyard (1:09)
10. Entering the House (3:36)
11. Meeting Edward Gracey (0:52)
12. The House Haunts Me (2:37)
13. No Leaving Tonight (1:59)
14. Ramsley Scare (0:10)
15. To the Study (0:41)
16. Confiding in Mr. Evers (1:00)
17. Secret Passageway (2:32)
18. Ghost Ball - Chasing Emma (2:32)
19. Jim in the Passageway (0:45)
20. So Many Memories (1:49)
21. Following Ghostball (0:31)
22. Against My Better Judgement (3:41)
23. Emma Tells Kids the Story (2:09)
24. Ramsley's Coming! (1:25)
25. Meeting Leota (2:23)
26. Spinning Table - Chased By a Marching Band (0:42)
27. Dad We Have a Problem (1:09)
28. Jim Finds Out What Ed Wants (2:55)
29. My Way (2:32)
30. Wedding Dress (0:47)
31. Passage to the Dead (1:20)
32. Entering the Passage (1:36)
33. Sarcaphogus Reveal (0:17)
34. The Crypt Part 1 (1:20)
35. The Crypt Part 2 (3:24)
36. You Got the Key? (0:40)
37. Taking Leota (0:18)
38. Don't You Remember? (2:23)
39. The Trunk Letter - Jim & Ramsley Fight (3:43)
40. Jim's Locked Out Pt. 1A (0:14)
41. Jim's Locked Out Pt. 1B (0:35)
42. Jim Locked Out - Ramsley Threatens Kids Pt. 2 (1:41)
43. Never Fail (1:15)
44. Try Again - Rescue - Sara Runs to Jim (3:49)
45. Get Away From Her (2:22)
46. Sara Passes Out - Going to Heaven - Vacation At Last (5:24)

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- Matt
(fan of this site, supreme lurker, and movie-score geek) ;)


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Hi Matt and thanks for the information! Would it be OK if I reposted what you said on I know a bunch of Haunted Mansion fans who would be thrilled to know that such a thing does exist.

As for maintaining the database...I don't know why no one continued with it, though even at his peak, Trent didn't have "all" of the CDs available (no offense to Trent intended and I think he knows that...although I've slowed down in recent years, I have a huge Disney CD collection as well [over 600] and even at MY peak in collecting, I know I didn't have them all). I DID keep a list of my OWN CDs for a long time...until I was somewhere in the 300's or 400's and when I went to upgrade my database software, it lost all of my old information (I had updated many times without a problem). That HURT!

Anyway, please let me know about re-posting your message. Thanks!

And don't be such a stranger! We don't bite. Well, Bill does. But the rest of us are quite friendly. Unless Bill's around...



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Would it be OK if I reposted what you said on
Sure! Go right ahead. And aww!! I forgot all about that place!

even at his peak, Trent didn't have "all" of the CDs available (no offense to Trent intended
Right, right. And I meant no offense either. I realize that maintaining a website of this size requires a lot of time and effort. As a New Media (read: website) Design major in college, I completely understand how overwhelming running a site can get. I just found it odd that no one else stepped up to take over running it so that the site could stay current. Aside from this forum, "Magic Music" is wildly outdated and there doesn't appear to be any other resource out there for Disney music in all it's many cross-medium existances, that I've found.

Basically, I guess I'm wondering whether or not other people lament the lack of a CURRENT Disney music database? 'Cause if it seems that way, I guess I just feel like there's enough life / talent / collections here in this community that we should all be able to band together and either update "Magic Music" to 2004 or create a similar Disney-music-database.

I don't mean in any way for this to sound like a revolt or uprising against this site or board or anything like that at ALL. :-X Nor do I mean, Trent if you're reading this, to be stepping on any toes or bringing up bad blood or something. I simply think that there's still a need for a comprehensive Disney-music archive (maybe I'm mistaken), and I'm very much in favor of the idea of somehow helping to return "Magic Music" to it's former glory as THE definitive site for Disney-music, past, present, theme park, movie, animated, and all the variations in between. Or, if it's preferred to be a static "museum" of sorts, then I wonder about whether or not a successful "sister" site could be created.

when I went to upgrade my database software, it lost all of my old information
That's horrible! Granted, I'm sure that was quite awhile ago and you've moved on by now, but still! :eek: Yikes! I've never taken the time to make a database of all of my CDs, Disney or not.

And don't be such a stranger! We don't bite.
LOL! It's not that. :p I just often don't feel like I have much to add to the conversation. Plus I'm horribly wordy, if you haven't noticed yet. ;) But thanks for the encouragement. :)



hey everyone, i have that HM CS as well its awesome music. i love it. anyways, anyone who has alot of disney music can you send me a list or a pm so we can talk on aim or something to arrange trades maybe? please let me know thanks!


Hey Dalboz,

Back from vacation in Maui and Anaheim! Fun, Fun, Fun!

Thanks for your comments about getting the site back up-to-date. No offence taken at all - I'm glad that after about 5 years of no updates someone has brought the subject up.

There's no excuse really for me not updating the home page to indicate that the album index is out of date and for not keeping a good disney music links page. I've finally realized though that I'll never be able to update the album database enough to keep it current.

I've often thought about getting others involved but I think we'd probably need to find someone with PHP coding skills and a love of Disney music to help us out... I've simply never thought to ask if there are any readers that know PHP (or even ASP).... Anyone????

I taught myself enough PHP back in the summer of 1999 to get a pretty nice little system going. I had hoped to get it to the point where people could submit CDs on their own and people could review them (ala

As it stands, to enter a new CD you need to enter information on a series of 5 web forms that I created. There are no instructions included on the pages so if someone were to want to add a CD using the current forms I'd need to walk them through the process once or twice.

So... it IS possible to add more CDs to the database via the web. If someone was interested I could try to refresh my memory so that I could get them going on entering a few CDs. Even if we can't get them all in there it'd be fun to see a few new ones added after all these years.

Ultimately, if anyone can improve the submission forms I started and take it further by adding search capabilities etc. (the current search is performed on the old non-database-driven pages) that'd be awesome!

As of late 1999 I felt that my collection was 95% complete for what I was attempting to collect: All CDs released in the USA by WDR and CDs released in USA with mostly Disney content. I did not limit the theme park portion of the collection to USA CDs and that part was maybe 60% complete at that time.

If anyone has web skills and wants to volunteer trying to get something going again let me know. As it stands, I think I just might try adding a new CD to the database tonight or tomorrow just for fun and to see how difficult those webforms are to use.



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Wish I could help Trent, but I have NO web skills. I have few, if any computer skills, period. Which really sucks when you realize that I've been on this earth for 38 years and have owned my own computers for 20 of them!

I'll grant that you probably DID have the vast majority of the domestic stuff in your did I . But with all of the foreign-language stuff that's always been out there, the two of us ocmbined, at our peaks, were STILL just a spit in the ocean. OK, a rather large "lunger" sort of spit, but still just a spit, nonetheless .

Dalboz, you're talking about the person who is approaching 1000 messages here....who rarely listens to her 600+ Disney don't even START to talk to me about not having a whole lot to add. Just TALK. When people tell you that you're being off topic, just tell 'em to go sit on it and rotate, like I do .

Thanks for the OK for the Doombuggies thing. If you come over and visit, I'm GeekyDweeb. Be forearned that I'm much more of a "witch with a capital B" over there than I am here.

Yes, it's possible.
Shut up Bill.
And you too, 1313.
And if Jeff from Orange County decides to show his face for his twice-a-year visit, HE can shut up too.
Y'all can sit on it and rotate!



Regarding keeping up the cd listings... could this be done on one of the free sites, like geocities? or would there be too much info to be stored? Just wondering, cuz I have been thinking about getting a site (not sure about free vs. pay site yet) and maybe starting the up to date disney music list might be just the thing.

Any comments from those in the know?

Well, the easy answer to using free hosting is that it won't work. You can list them in a flat file, but I doubt thats the way you want it to work. You would have no easy way to search the file, or to update it. That is because they usually only allow for html files. HTML files are created the first time, and must be edited each time you want to add a new CD. Sites like MagicMusic are coded in PHP or ASP, and usually uses a database backend like MySQL or SQLServer. PHP and ASP are both server side languages, meaning that the actual PHP page contains things like IF statements that query the database. That way if the number of CD's changes for example, you don't change the PHP page, you just add it to the database. Then if you decided to display the CD's by year instead of name, you don't have to Cut/Paste all the entires, just change the way the PHP creates the page and you are done.
Most free hosting deals don't provide PHP or MySQL access. Both of those cost more to implement (in terms of server abuse) and are much harder to provide securely than an html file.
Does that help?