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Well, having just read messages at, it was semi-confirmed. As well as a new "making of" book. I really would like both of these.


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Well, my hopes are dashed for this release. It's basically all local Chinese artists singing Disney songs, and there is no park material at all on this. Below is a link to what will be the grand opening album.

I guess the park does want to release an official album, but it's not going to happen for opening due to all the entertainment changes that have been going on. Oh well.


Do we know for a fact that that is the "official album"? Goodness knows they release enough bad pop covers of Disney tunes here in the US as well, but they still put out park albums. The title might just be a marketing tie-in to the new park.


The local Walt Disney Records really seems to try to push HongKong and sell a few extra CDs on the side ...

There is also the "Disney's Favorite Sing-Along inspired by Hong Kong Disneyland" coming with 6 exclusive postcards, lyric booklet and yes a music CD with the following track listing:

01. Mickey Mouse March
02. I Just Can't wait To Be King
03. It's a Small World
04. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah
05. Casey Junior
06. Under The Sea
07. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
08. Hakuna Matata
09. Beauty And The Beast
10. Winnie The Pooh
11. When You Wish Upon A Star
12. Be Our Guest
13. You've Got A Friend In Me

Obviously "it's a small world" needs to be there ... as it is not an attraction in HKDL.

Before I forget it - the CD linked above titled "Hong Kong Disneyland - The Grand Opening Celebration Album (CD+DVD) (Preorder Edition)" is available in a special pre-order version. According to the website linked in here "this version comes together with an exclusive DVD that features both the Mandarin and the Cantonese version of Jacky Cheung's new MV "Let the wonder soar" plus the trailers of Chicken Little, Cars, and Sky High. On top of that fans are offered special bonus features including a unique Mickey Mouse bag, the map of HK Disneyland, and a collector's poster!"



Well, so much for my wishful thinking/hoping...there is no other CD other than the ones described here. Of course, the amusing thing is that neither of these are even sold at the park...


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I'm living in Taiwan now. I can give you some information.

In fact, there's a CD about HKDL released in Hong Kong and Taiwan:
"Hong Kong Disneyland - The Grand Opening Celebration Album" CD+DVD

This album CD includes the two theme songs of HKDL and other pop songs from Disney movie sung by famous Chinese Singers. However, no songs or music of this album are from the attraction ride in HK Disneyland.

The DVD includes several music videos, and the movie trailers of Chicken Little, Cars, Chronicles of Narnia, and Sky High, all are the movies coming soon to theaters here.