HKD, TDL, WDW, DL Parade Question


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Dont suppose anyone knows where I could find the music to any of these do they? Apologize for the big list. Did not want to post several individual Topics.

1. Hong Kong Disneylands Glow In The Park Hallowen Parade. I want this really bad lol.

2. Background loop to The Very Merry Christmas Parade at WDW

3. A Christmas Fantasy Parade with the current, or last years, introduction.

4. TDL Christmas Parades from 2005, 2004, Not sure if these are still available anywhere. Never heard them so. Well I did see a video of 2005 but, the music was hard to make out. 2004 I have never heard. Not sure if these are cool parades or not as far as music.

5. TDL Original Electrical Parade "Christmas Version". I want this so bad. Just like I really wanted the WDW verision.

6. Disneyland Parade Of Dreams, Minus the 50th part which I am sure they changed that after the 50th Anniversary.

7. Disneyland Paris Once Upon A Dream Parade with the intro and character voices, I have the instrumental version but looking for the one with the intro and voices.

Thanks all, and again I apologize for the large list.
Definatly feel free to shoot me a PM or email.