High School Musical

My god I cant imagine Disney expected have this big a hit on their hands. My nieces and their friends are going crazy over the movie and the soundtrack. Its nice to see a fairly tame movie still has a place out there.
It amazes me!! This "musical" movie has had more reviews on iTunes then any other cd I have seen with 5753. I can't imagine how many albums have been sold. Disney is making a killing and it was a made for TV movie which is all the more shocking.

According to IMDB.com "This is Disney Channel's most successful movie to date with 7.7 million viewers in its premiere broadcast."

The composer was David Nessim Lawrence. Andrew Seeley wrote one song "Get Your Head in the Game". David has done obscure things like American Pie 1 & 2 soundtracks. Never has he done a musical, at least according to IMDB.

This was an unexpected but pleasant surprise for Disney. The soundtrack is "Amazing" if you?re a teen. If not you still may enjoy it. The most amazing thing about this "Musical" is that the music was written if 5 days. I'm impressed.


Gee, a musical by Disney that is a hit?! That hasn't happened for what, like 8 years now? Bring back the spontanious singing animal and human cartoon movies, not the teen stuff on the ex-Disney Channel!
Hopefully that will happen with "Enchanted" by Alan Menken. Coming out in I think 2007/08. And also maybe "Repunzel Unbraided" coming out in 2009. I just hope Disney doesn't mess these possibly good movies up. They have great casts (Kristin Chenoweth {Repunzel} and Idina Menzel {Enchanted) hopefully they will be great scores and great movies.