Hidden Outakes in DVD's


I was reviewing once again Sleeping Beauty on DVD last week, and found a very unique part of the overdubbed vocal documentation.
I was happy to find the long lost Riddle Diddle song in the fairies birthday plans chapter, sung to the music of the Tschicovsky score and complete! Very nice song, even contributes to the flow of the story. The other song, Go to Sleep, is excellent raw data mined from the 'castle is asleep' chapter, and has a refreshing melody.
Hopefully this is an indication of more outakes still to come. We have heard those wonderful outtakes on AIW ans SW. I can't wait to see what music of the seasons might there be on the upcoming DVD Bambi.

X-S Tech

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How do you access these songs? You said "hidden" in your title. Does that mean that they are hard to find? Can you give us more details?


X-S: Use disc 1 and find the main menu; select audio commentary. The disc will prompt you to select listening to to the movie with the audio commentary by saying 'yes' or 'no' History revealed!

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