Hey Trent! Drop a line!

Been thinking about ya, Boss!

Wondering how goes the personal stuff. I remember your awesome story about your WDW engagement...

But I also remember a couple of years ago when you sold off your entire Disney music collection. I've been wondering if you've had regrets? Or, was it a cleansing sort of experience? Have you dipped your feet back into the Disney music pool at all?

Miss ya!

Mike and the gang
Hey Mike,

I know I'm not Trent but just in case you (and anyone else) are wondering where he is, he is on vacation. I got an email from him today in regards to an enail I sent him & he'll be home on Monday.


Hey Mike (and everyone),

Yep, I'm on vacation right now... kind of. We just moved into our first house on Tuesday and are busy unpacking and setting things up. It's a big job but we're very happy! It's so great to have a place of our own.

I somewhat regret selling the Disney CD collection but I needed the money at the time and it has saved me SO much money over the years from trying to have to keep the collection somewhat complete.

As for this site... I see that traffic to the forum is really starting to die off. I don't have a lot of time to promote it but am wondering if there's anyone out there that might want to do a blitz in submitting the discussion site to various Disney sites / search engines.

Also, I mentioned this months ago but some day I plan to set up a PayPal donation link for those that are will to help offset the cost of hosting and running the site. I also want to redo the home page after sitting static for over 3 years. The plan is to make the discussion forum the prominent item on the site and to keep the outdated album index as a secondary resource.

Hey Mike (and everyone),

As for this site... I see that traffic to the forum is really starting to die off.


Hiya Trent! Good luck on the new house!

Keep thinking about how good it was you didn't have to move all those heavy boxes of Disney cds! ;)

About forum traffic dying out: I gotta think you've still got a solid core group here. I don't visit nearly as often as I did a few years ago. I don't think very many of us do--except maybe for Sharon because her fingers have thawed out since she moved to Florida. ::)

Anyway, I'm not here as often because there's not much to talk about. What new Disney park music has there been? In fact, you could take it a step further and ask what much is new at the Disney parks themselves? And what good movies have been released by Disney lately? And that leads to soundtracks and park cds and on and on.

But if there was something to spark our interest...

All it takes, ya know, is "one little spark"!

That's my theory, FWIW. I'd love to see the site come alive again. I miss the ol' days of page after page of debates about LightMagic, Randy taking the time to poll us about what we'd like to see on an upcoming OA, a lively exchange about MSEP vs. Spectro, the anticipation about rumored park releases, the rise and fall of the Disney Forever systems, etc.

I guess I'll go wish upon a star...

Thanks for checking in. SO glad to hear things seem to be going well for you. ;D