Hey Randy? - Vic Perrin?


You know, there has been so much discussion and pondering about who the first narrator of Spaceship Earth was, why not just ask Randy??

Certainly he would know!

Just a suggestion...
To my knowledge, it was Vic Perrin, then Walter Cronkite, then Jeremy Irons and now Dame Judi Dench.

Did you know what Janet Waldo is still heard in Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress? She used to be the grandmother in the finale scene, but she can only still be heard as the angry neighbor who yells when the electricity goes out. Janet Waldo did not do too many Disney things, but she did once voice Maleficent in a Hollywood Bowl show and played the female roles on the original "Dickens Christmas Carol with The Walt Disney Players" LP, which was reissued as a "Mickey's Christmas Carol" LP also with her voices even though in the movie version she was replaced by Patty Parris. I know this has nothing to do with Vic Perrin, but, like Sara Lee, nobody doesn't like Janet Waldo, right?