Hey Randy...a question about the 20K dvd.

Hiya Bean!!

There was at one time. I even duplicated the source elements I have and gave it to the production team.

SPECULATION - It appears that they may have run into the same issue I did concerning a soundtrack. Even though the same music is sync'd to the same picture, an isloated track may have been considered a secondary use (same as a CD release) and complete new use payments would have been due (for 'new-use' you have to pay the orchestra as if they recorded it all over again unless the original contract included a record release - which 20k did not). But these kinds of red-tape issues are being looked at again on a global basis by the unions and there may be some relief from these types of requirements in the near future.

I did notice that they were able to use the corrected underscore elements in the film itself (For those that didn't know, the original showed extreme phasing that was in the recording from it's initial release) and the film has never sounded better.

Hope that sheds some light on what may have happened. Hope all is well with you and yours!!!