Hey Mike Frezon!

Annual passes?!?!?!

E-mail me at mfrezon@nycap.rr.com and LMK how to close the deal.

Thanks Sharon! I'll be giving it a listen for Groundhog's Day! ;)


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Probably, but my short-term memory sucks AND I wrote that when I had JUST gotten back from NY, after 3 hours of sleep the night before . Sorry .

Well...thanks again!

My comment in the e-mail was that I hope you had a copy of the CD, too! It is excellent! The first WDW park CD I've purchased in a VERY, VERY looooooooong time!

I really can't believe how bad things have gotten.

Glad you had a great time during your triumphant return to NY! I heard they had a big parade and everything! ;D