Hey folks...


Been lurking around for a month or two. Thought I'd finally join up. I always wished there was a newsgroup devoted to Disney music. This is the next best thing.

I'm a long time Disney fan. I collect Disney park and animation art books, DVDs, the occasional pin, and park music that appeals to me. I might be kind of unusual in that I really tend to shy away from anything with lyrics. My preference is the ambient stuff you hear just strolling through the park or waiting in a queue ("Music from Disney's Animal Kingdom" is pretty close to my idea of a perfect park album). That kind of music is what takes me back to my park visits more than anything. Unfortunately I was never able to take advantage of WDW and DL Forever, so I have to collect what I can find around the Net. I have a pretty substantial collection, but I'm always looking for more. I'll post my "Most Wanted"s soon.

Anyway, I'm glad to be among friends. I look forward to some insightful discussions!


P.S. - I just won a shrinkwrapped copy of "Tokyo Disney Sea Music Album" for $12.50 on eBay. Woo! Only you guys could appreciate something like this. ;)


Heh...Well, I thought for sure that someone would swoop in at the last minute, but no one did (well, unless you count me ;)). So there ARE still some bargains to be found on eBay, though they may be few and far between.


LOL, Yikes! I can see this turning very dark very quickly :)

Actually, Hrothgar, in terms of "insightful discussion" you might want to find another site...all we do is bitch about the parks and complain that the site doesnt have more music related topics

Or maybe thats just me...



Heh...If it makes you feel any better, I just received a $70 electronic item that i won on eBay and it's completely non-functional, so maybe I got my karmic reward after all. :-

But I'm proud to say I'm fitting right in...posting non-music related topics of my own and bitching about the big D (or E).

But we do it with love! ;)


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Hey, at least we can laugh at ourselves. Ok, so we do tend to bitch occasionally, but I sure would miss this site if it was suddenly gone.

Ben C.