Hey Disney Bean Counter!


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Y'know Mike, sometimes what you say makes perfect sense. This is one of those times .

SO...what's your opinion on it?

Ahhh…the idiot nephew. Actually Walt might actually find a sense of pride in Roy’s actions. God knows its something that needed to be said. So did Eisner resign? Did I miss that?
Good to know you are stil lurking Bean.
Thats all I wanted to know.

And yes Mike, we do care.

(You guys have probably been busy shoveling snow or something)

I know I've been shoveling -- a lot!

Bean, being the bean counter that he is, probably has people lined up to handle that sort of thing! ;D
Actually...as the kids got older...

and became less helpful, I decided that I would need a snow blower. I bought one several years ago...and it has been a wonderful deterrent. It almost never snows here anymore.

Jeff, I have to confess that snow is a minor nuisance when compared to the thought of feeling the earth buckling under my feet.


Just remember, each year more people die from heart attacks while shoveling snow than from the last several major quakes in California. :eek: