Here is a tough one.....I think.....


Does anyone know what backgroung music is in use on the trailer of "The Rocketeer"? You can find it as an extra on the DVD. I always liked the theme used but no one has ever been able to tell me what film it was originally from. Anyone know? ???


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I think I know the answer but I don't have the DVD to confirm it. Is there anyway you can provide a link to or email me a short audio clip (

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Not sure about this one since I don't have the DVD. But it's ironic that the Rocketeer, who's score has been so widely used in other trailers (seems like every other one I see) used someone elses music for their trailer. :)


Hi group!

I'm still new around here (other than lurking for a long time).

I thought I would help with this topic. I ripped the audio from The Rocketeer Trailer and placed it online (for a little while, anyhow.)

I'm anxious to know the answer as well.

You can download it here: Rocketeer - The Rocketeer Trailer.mp3:// Trailer.mp3:// Trailer.mp3:// Trailer.mp3



I'm HAPPY to help by posting the audio... I hope it helps get to an answer!

I don't want to steal away the topic, but for those of you that have downloaded the mp3 posted above, what do you think of the ripping? I'm new to ripping audio from DVD's and I'm curious for your input. Is it too quiet, contain too much static, etc.? I'd really like to get better at it. Thanks in advance!


Well, has anyone other than Bill figured this one out? I guess we all have to call Disney and bug them for the clues. :(