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Hi Everyone! I'm looking for a collection of ALL the past songs from both the Magic Kingdom AND Epcot Center Theme Parks. Specifically, I'm looking for The original Electrical Parade, The original Kitchen Cabaret (including Veggie-Fruit-Fruit), "If You Had Wings", "Now is the Time" (original Carasel of Progress), etc... All of the soundtracks that I see available are the current theme park songs. I want the songs from when I was a kid (1980's). Does anyone know where I can find this collection - and if so, how much is it??? THANK YOU!!!!
I would recommend searching EBAY or for past WDW Official Albums. Other alternatives (illegal) should not be discussed here.


In terms of legal availability, a number of the tracks you mention were also available on the WDW Forever system, and those CDs also show up on eBay from time to time.