Help with TDL show name...


Hi everyone! I just found a video on youtube of a TDL Christmas show. It is based on the song "A Sparkling Christmas For You", but it's not the 2002 castle show. It has that awesome Disney vocal sound I like so much. Here's the link:

If anyone knows the name of the show, I would really appreciate the translation. Thanks!! :)

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Well it's got the song from the Christmas segment of Everyday's a Holiday...don't think I ever heard that in their 2002 show.

Don't know the name of the show yet but translated to english the title says Ambassador hotel Christmas. so I'd guess something they did at that hotel?:p
I believe it was called, "Find the Believe: The Celebration of a Magical Wish in a Wonderous World of Dreams, Magic, and Enchantment Parade."

Hope this helps.


This is the show from Disney Ambassador Hotel Christmas Party 2006. Every Christmas DAH holds the dinner/lunch show-style Christmas Party. Lucky guests who won the lottery can join this party though they need to pay about $100. Hotel Miracosta also has Summer Party every summer. The reasons why I like the show at those parties are that Disney Character?s costumes and music are awesome.

The link below is the information about Hotel Miracosta Summer Party 2007. (Sorry, Japanese only)