Help-is Cdjapan a good site for ordering tokyo disneyland cds?


I am new to this board and I was wondering if anyone here has used to order cds from tokyo disneyland. It seems like the only way to order them from japan, and I don't know if you can directly order from tokyo disneyland itself.
There have been posts on this in the past, but nobody has directly answered the question if is a good site to order from.

amazon does have some cds, but cdjapan seems to have a more complete list and selection.


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I have used CDJapan several times in the past and was always happy with the products, delivery time, service and price. Just don't expect it to arrive tomorrow - delivery from Japan to anywhere outside Japan can take a bit longer. Alas I have to admit I prefer ordering from if they have the CD I'm looking for available too and the price is OK, but that is because by ordering through one of the links on the websites UI frequent (or in this case: the website I help run I support that website financially.



I have ordered from CD Japan many times with excellent results. Their selection is good, and even with the shipping and exchange rates, their prices still end up better than amazon in most cases. They also send regular customers coupons from time to time, which helps with cost.
The other site you might consider is Their selection is not as extensive, but they have a lot of interesting Disney items from all over the world. They are also in the US, so their delivery time is pretty quick.


I, too, have ordered from CDJapan in the past. They are very reliable, the prices are very competitive and (so far) shipping has been excellent! (I have actually received a shipment from Japan to New Jersey in 2 days!! --- Of course, the 12 hour time difference may come into play there, also.)

I would highly recommend it!


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My husband has ordered stuff from CD Japan without any problems. I haven't, simply because he needs to get me Christmas and birthday presents so I usually get a TDL CD or two .