Help identifying Bruce Broughton track

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Can anyone identify the track listed at the top of this page?

Hi X-S,

This is a selection from One Man's Dream - Film (which currently plays at Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood Studios). I know this track comes direct from that film, for I used to work at this attraction. I believe this video should help you identify the selection and where it was played. : ) Hope this helps.

Around the 5:30 mark in this video.


this track was also featured on his site last january, as well!


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Really? I thought that's what it had been called on his site.
I don't think his site ever had a track name for it. In fact, I believe it was originally listed the same as this year, "Happy New Year." I think I'll stick to Dr. Know's title, unless someone can dig up the ASCAP titles.
Wow, the same post on top for a week. And a Broughton thread, no less, without the traditional mocking of WDWGuy. Dang, things are sure hoppin' around here.