Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride -lilo & stitch

Jessica L

Me too!! I am obsessed with the two Hawaiian songs from the film. I also try to sing along with them - which can be pretty amusing at times!

I was at the Contemporary on Friday and they were playing the soundtrack in the Concourse area by the stores - and I was dancing and singing right along!

These two songs are wonderful, fun, and extremely catchy. I can't get enough!


P.S. Saw the movie a second time last week at the AMC Theater at Downtown Disney. Not only is the theater wonderful - but the film is just as outstanding the second time! :)


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I agree with you too, Jessica! I've seen it twice so far and I'm going again this week! I want to see it as many times as I can before it leaves the theatre.

I also try to sing along, and you're right, it can be really funny! Wish I spoke Hawaiian! Although it's about as bad as me trying to sing along to most of the Tokyo Disneyland CD's!


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I haven't seen the movie yet. I've heard clips of the songs and I love them! I'll probably go to see the movie next week, but I don't know yet. It sounds good, from what I'm hearing!