Haunted Mansion narration

OK, so i just got back from a trip to Disneyland....somehow i did not catch this when they first did it. When they added the additonal spanish spiel when u first get into "doom buggy".....why did they drop "we find it delightfully unliveable here in this ghostly retreat....every room has hot and cold running chills.....shhh ....listen ". I timed the space.... seems they coulda left that part of spiel in with some better editing. Also....finally heard the new tiki room audio....sounded pretty good. And if i am not mistaken.....they have added music to the garden before each of the tiki gods speaks and before u enter tiki room.


It should be in there, sometimes its later then it should be (Normally, before the lame spanish speil, it started about the time when you reach the top of the staircase and are rounding into the first hallway) now it starts a little later. if you missed it it could have been a doombuggy error, sometimes the audio doesnt always work well.

Last time I rode there was no narration at all.