Haunted Mansion Holiday: Update or not?

matt d.

With the current interpretation that the press release for the Haunted Mansion Holiday make-over will include an update of the music with more Elfman music, I was wondering what people here at The Forum thought. As an Eastcoaster, I was lucky and got to visit Disneyland last year and I really enjoyed the spooky renditions of &quotCarol of the Bells&quot and &quotWe Wish You a Merry Christmas&quot. But then, I also like the score to the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Either way I really hope to see last year's music on a CD someday. :)

Landon B.

New Member
I couldn't agree with you more Matt. I was lucky enough to go the first day it opened and I immediately couldn't get enough of this cool attraction. I would have to say that the music in the foyer was pretty spooky as well as the streaching rooms la la la la la. The music was so upbeat and different from the original which is why I like it so much. I too also love the movie and I don't mind that they are chnaging it just so long that I someday (in the near future hopefully), can get a CD with both versions on it. ;)