Haunted Mansion Holiday CD-A Preemptive Plea

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Allright, now today the new HMH merchandise is released (at least some of it) and there has been speculation that there will finally be a release of the soundtrack, possibly a 2-disc set. I will be at the park later today so I still don't know if it will be out today if at all. But...
I would like to take this moment to say, if the soundtrack is released, and you are inclined to have a copy, please show the company your support by purchasing your own. If anyone on this board has ever complained about the lack of quality releases and rare treasures from WDRecords, please focus that energy now on scrounging together whatever cash it takes to buy a copy, instead of getting one for free from someone who did purchase it. This CD, if indeed we get one, has been 3 years in the making, a lot of which I'm sure was spent debating whether guests would purchase enough copies to make it profitable. Please don't send the message that we aren't willing to pay for quality.
I'll be back to let you know if the CD's out today.


COOL!! Finally after 3 years!!! Yippeee!!! I cant wait im on my way....er soon, when I get some money :(

XS...Is this years score the same as last years? So far last years was my favorite.

:D heehee!!

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Spoilers!! Haunted Mansion Holiday CD

The score this year is a mix of the 2001 and the 2002. A compromise as it were. Some scenes have the first version and some have the second. The ride thru on this CD is nice in that it's got sfx and all the different characters in the graveyard, so you can hear the mummy for example, and the man and woman on the teeter totter. Cool album.


are the tracks from the different scenes instrumental or with voices? and how long is the total playtime (and how long is the ride trough;))?


A mix? :( oh no, There was so much about last years score that I loved that Im afraid of what isnt in there this year:

The Foyer, the "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" Theme, The Madam Leota music, and The Ballroom themes from last year were slightly dark, stunning, beautiful pieces of music. I hope THOSE are the same at least.

Last years attic was good, but anything other then that test tracky/mechanical piece of music from the first year is an improvement.

And the Graveyard and the Stretching Room last year where the same music from 2001 so Id expect those to be the same anyway.

Worried Mark :-

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I forgot that last years' did use some of 2001's music, so perhaps this years score is the same as last.

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Yes the CD came out yesterday. I can't make any predictions on how long it will last though, as the one store that had it was so full most of the day that they had to close the doors and let people in only as other people left.


Hi All,

Is there any kind person on the list who would buy a copy for me (+ a copy of Aladdin CD) & mail it to me in Australia?

Thank you,


Is Oogie Boogie on the album? and are any of the elements from the previous years changed to accomidate him? (ie narration, music cues, etc.)

Does the Ghost Host make any reference to Oogie?


I just compared the track list of scarols on the new disc with the partial versions I have and 2 of the scarols are missing...

There should be 13 but there are only 9 (or 11 when you count the 3 songs of the NMBC medly)

The missing scarols are We Three Dracs and He came upon a Midnight Drear...it seems strange that they should leave these out...is it possible that they are planning on more with the music at a later date?

Hmm I wonder....



Brett from Oz,

Please, do check mouseshoppe.com

They do carry the Alladin album and may have this new cd soon;

they are a "little" expensive, but i've used their services many times before -- I live in France -- and they are quite reliable and fast!

Just a suggestion!


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As I understand it, only 9 of the 13 recorded scarols were ever used. I assume it's the nine on the album. I haven't been on the attraction yet, though I'm told the ride through on the CD doesn't have all of Oogies Dialogue. But the most noteable change to accomodate him is that the first years "Attic music" (the Test Track like medley) is now used for Oogie at the end (where the Hitchhiking Ghosts normally are), and the mirrors.
AT LONG LAST! Great news!!!

Could I just clarify something--the CD is the score of the current 2003 version of the attraction, which is a compilation of both the 2001 and 2002 versions? Could someone also provide the track listing? How long is the CD? Good liner notes, crediting producers/composers? Sorry, so many questions, but this is exciting news!

I'm going to call the Disneyland merchandise line as soon as I can from the East Coast today, to see if the CD is available for order--I'll let everyone know.


Dr. Know


Do let us know -- I want to order a copy as well. What is the number, by the way? (too lazy to look it up)...

DONE! I just called Disneyland and ordered my copies of the CD--simple as that! The castmember had to check first to see if they were still available, so it got a little tense there for a moment. Once again, there are options other than ebay! The number is: 1-800-760-3566. And as X-S suggested, those interested should order a copy(or a few, like I did--Christmas IS coming again this year....), to send the message to Eisner and crew that the music does matter.


P. S. Price: $19.99


Hey Mike~

Heres a list I was able to find of the track listings. This is the one where I compared the scarols with:

1. Up on the Housetop
2. Scary Bells
3. Over the Graveyards
4. Old Mansion Tree
5. Wreck the Halls
6. We Wish You a Scary Christmas
7. The 13 Days of Christmas
8. God Rest You Merry Grinning Ghosts
9. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Medley: Making Christmas/What's This?/Kidnap the Sandy Claws
10. Disneyland Haunted Mansion Holiday Ride-Through Mix

Hope this helps

Hey XS - I could have SWORE Ive heard We Three Dracs in the queue last year, Hmmm Interesting conundrum. Since this disc is definatly a 2003-centic recording perhaps they HAVE taken out those 2 scarols

:/ I hope it isnt because of PC reasons....We Three Dracs DOES talking about drinking blood and "Slurping until you are pale"

Its wonderful little song, I hope that if they DID take it out it isnt because of that.

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Thanks for posting the track listing s8ntmark, mines out in my car and I've been too lazy to go get it. ;D.

To clarify Michael, yes this years is a mix of 2001 and 2002's score. The liner notes are a bit slim but the credits are quite in depth, breaking it down into each room of the mansion and crediting the appropriate composer. It's really easy to tell who wrote which years pieces were used where now. There's also a section on voice talent though it doesn't say who did which character. Chris Sarandon obviously did Jack and Corey Burton did the Ghost Host but beyond that you get to guess.