Haunted Mansion Holiday Bootleg


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I'm sure that this has been discussed before, but I've searched and couldn't find anything.

I was wondering if that Haunted Mansion Holiday bootleg CD is different (besides quality) then the new real CD that was just released. If it is different, does someone have a track listing available?


well, there is a copy of the 2001 show. But thats it...there isnt any full length CD out there. Quality varies, depending on what you can find...and there isnt a track listing Its just one track. Also, some of the lsolated music is out there too...but Im not sure what.
There are a lot of the individual music loops from almost every scene of the 2001 version available - the Gordy Goodwin version. About a dozen or so tracks, most in stereo. Enough to fill a CD.

Nothing from the later versions has surfaced yet - and thank goodness! The later versions suck.



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Does anyone know if the 2001 show and these dozen or so tracks are on the IRC? To me it seems as those are all on the new 2003 CD. But I could be wrong. I just want to get all of the unreleased versions and tracks. Thanks.

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Actually the music that is used from the loading area to through the endless hallway in the 2002 version is out there. Haven't seen it often but it's there.


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So I have been trying to find this "2001 version" of the haunted mansion holiday. I found the following two tracks on disney-central.

haunted mansion holiday - attraction [13:50]
haunted mansion holiday - attraction (256KBPS) [7:10]

Is one of these the 2001 version?

Update: the two you mention are fan-made compilations of the bootleg tracks. The longer one (13:50) only contains portions of the Ghost Host narration recorded directly from the Doombuggies' speakers, but not all of it. Some segments are out of order as well.