Haunted Mansion Holiday 2001 CD on sale NOW!


from what I hear, they are selling the CD of HMH 2001 at Disneyland right now as we speak!

I guess its only the ride (no scarols or PM music Box)and, oddly, its been cut up into 17 tracks???? Can anyone confirm or denie this for me?

Thank you!


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I frequent the message base of doombuggies.com several times a day and NONE of the West Coast HM fans have mentioned it. If such a CD was there, trust me, it would've been posted on DB.C in a heartbeat. So my guess is it's a rumor. Sorry.



Sorry my mistake :(

Called Disney DelivEars for confirmation and they said no such soundtracks exsists.

I got a bit of bad info there, sorry for the false alarm


Landon B.

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Gosh dang it,

You had me excited that they might have actually released an official CD.

Oh well I can still wait longer, hopefully the 2002 version will be released sometime soon. ::)
I don't think they would have any reason to release the 2001 or 2002 versions of the show (even though I'd like them). Wouldn't it be great if they released the new 2003 CD complete with a ride-thru and scarols? That would be great. Here's hoping...

Louis :)



You make it seem like the 2003 version is going to be even different then the last 2 years...I know about Oogie Boogie but I hope they dont change the score AGAIN...I LOVED last years score!

Yes, a 2003 release of Last years ride thru and the scarols would be perfect :D

With maybe the Oogie Boogie embelishments if there is any...