Haunted Mansion film soundtrack promo question...


Hello friends,
I finally watched my DVD of Haunted Mansion. I bought it mostly for the DVD-ROM attraction material which I enjoyed. I had heard the officially released soundtrack which was disapointing. Well, last night I watched the movie for the first time and while the movie itself is horrible (what were they thinking?) the soundtrack was a different story. The script is attrocious, the acting even worse. And don't get me started about the special effects (god where they sickening). They could have had Tim Burton directing, Danny Elfman scoring, and a better cast and script...but that would have been to easy. Oh well. Regardless, I didn't realize how much of Grim Grinning Ghosts was in the movie. It seemed like every music cue had a reference to the song! There was like 30 music cues emulating the different attraction musical pieces! Does anybody have the promo that Mancina put out? Does this include any of the GGG tracks? If anybody has a real CD (no MP3 copies please), I would love to trade a copy of that with any CD in my collection. Please don't ask for currently available CDs. I have an extensive Disney CD collection including many rare and out of print soundtracks (such as the Black Cauldron official and complete soundtracks, complete Aristocats, complete Finding Nemo, etc). Please let me know at Louisg@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance!

Dr. Know

Mancina's oscar promo disc, which runs 19:12, includes little or no GGG. I got the feeling that the intention in producing the cd was to showcase Mancina's original material rather than his adaptations of music from the attraction. There was an unconfirmed rumor -- and you'll have to forgive me because I can't remember where I read it -- that a bootleg recording exists with more of Mancina's score than was released on Disney's promo.