Well not too happy for those visiting the MK on Easter. My sister-in-law was there and said that there was no special parade or decorations or anything different to celebrate the day.

When WDW stopped showing the Easter parade (after they recycled the 98 footage with new hosts and presented it as new in 99) at least for a year or two they had a few floats lead the regular afternoon parade. I remember Tommy remarking on this I think.

This year there were no special floats, NONE of the catchy Disney Easter music, just nothin'!



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Well, that stinks! It was a classic, but I guess they really don't care. Why don't they just cut the Christmas parade while they're at it...

I sure would love to have the Easter parade music!


Good, Lord. That sounds like a really lame excuse that Disney gave you all, Tommy. Shame on them.

I'm disgusted.
I don't think the excuse is lame.

Actually, it doesn't seem to be an excuse at all to me.

Disney (as well as other major companies) are being hit pretty hard lately and have been going through troubled times over the last couple of years.

People don't seem to understand that the company has been cutting back on things during these times lately because they just don't have as much money as they used to and because people aren't travelling as much as they used to thanks to 9/11.

Please don't be so hard on the company right now.

Pushing them too much could make things worse.

I'm sure that the Magic Kingdom will do Easter entertainment again in the future. By then, things will probably be better (they'll have more money, world situations won't be as bad as they are now, etc.).

I'm not trying to start any fights here. I just wanted to get some points across.

P.S.--Actually, the last FULL Easter Parade was in 2000. 1999 was the last time that they televised it.


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But meanwhile, while full-time Disney technicians got at least a 10% work cut, the execs just got bonuses AND they managed to hire all of these seasonal people.

If they're going to cut because it's the only way for the company to survive, fine. But don't just cut the underlings and continue to give the overlords the benefits.




Attention: this post is totally OT!!

Good point Sharon!

Also: maybe Disney shouldn't try so hard to get into trouble?!

It doesn't help a movie an waful lot at the box office if you claim it a flop as the top honcho of the studios in public speeches only days after its initial release (TP). Also maybe it is NOT the best idea to stop luring guests to your magical realms when the situation is so that your guest numbers are going down anyway?? In the later case I'm speaking of the German market where since shortly before the war broke out all coverage / marketing for all Disney themeparks (WDW, DL, DLRP) who were marketed before stopped - it seems because Disney thought it wouldn't interest anybody anyway in the current circumstances (seems to be wrong: I know numerous friends who just booked trips to the US as the airfares are at an alltime low and plan to visit or already visited other themeparks).

Sorry, wasn't marketing about making possible guests interested??



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Unlike New Year's Eve on Pleasure Island, Easter does not occur every day. It's done. Finished. Kaput. You have another 361 days (next year is a leap year) before you can hunt for Easter eggs and not get strange looks. OK, so you get strange looks all year 'round...but you have 361 days until you get them while you're looking for Easter eggs .

Um, Tommy, I'm sure you know best....

but, isn't that YOU on the lower RIGHT of the picture?!

I could be wrong, but I immediately thought that was you on the lower right from looking at some of your past photos. If I'm wrong, I'm really sorry.



Give Tommy a break, guys. When he made that post he was high on jelly beans, marshmallow, and chocolate.