Happiest Millionaire Soundtrack/DVD Help Please



I just bought the latest reissue of "The Happiest Millionaire" on DVD. It mentioned "new longer version" on the cover and indeed, it is.

This version includes a song called "Let Them Go" which is, of course, "It Won't Be Long Til Christmas". The dialogue leading up to the song, though better than the redubbed "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" is, to my ears, NOT Fred MacMurray or Greer Garson. The song itself sounds like the original Fred and Greer version which I was under the impression DIDN'T EXIST ANYMORE. Can anyone verify this? Randy?

Was this on the Anchor Bay release? If it IS the original, it might be reason enough to buy this DVD. I found it charming...much less syrupy than the single version on the CD. I suspect it IS Greer because she's not a great singer, which makes it far more touching.




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The original dialog track for the intro segment to the song was lost. Stacia Martin had found it for an employee screening way too many years ago for me to think about, but afterwards, someone managed to lose or misfile it. When the song was restored to the film they had to fake the missing dialog.



The "lost" dialogue in THE HAPPIEST MILLIONAIRE was indeed redubbed, and is the same on the Anchor Bay DVD. The voice of Fred MacMurray was the highly talented actor Mark Silverman, who also does Rod Serling's voice on THE TWILIGHT ZONE TOWER OF TERROR.


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Yes, the Anchor Bay "Roadshow Edition" of the movie is the same as the new Disney re-release. I found the additional dialogue not as jarring as "Bedknobs and Broomsticks". I appreciate the film more now though because it seems to make more sense with the restored portions.


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The Disney release isn't quite the same --

In the Anchor Bay version the "Buena Vista fanfare" which is blank is between the overture and main title, whereas on the Disney version, which includes the Buena Vista logo the fanfare is before the overture, which leads right into the main title.

Whereas the Anchor Bay release included the Entre' Act music, the Disney version does include the Intermission music (the music just before the Entre' Act).

The Disney version also included the Exit music, which is "Fortuosity" with Tommy Steele from the first part of the movie.

Other than that, the movie seems the same, except the colors seem a bit more vibrant.

After viewing the movie again, I wish that Disney would have release an expanded soundtrack ala the Classic collection, instead of a duplicate of the lp.

If you have the Anchor Bay version, I suggest you ebay it and pick up the Disney version for the few extra minutes of music and better color.