Happiest Celebration on Earth - JAPAN RELEASE


OK ... here we go ... more from Tokyo ... this was the final surprise CD wise that I found during my visit: a 2-CD(!) release titled "Walt Disney Records presents Disney's Happiest Celebration on Earth - Celebrating 50 Years of Disneyland Music" (WDR / avex AVCW-12434/B) with the well known cover illustration featuring the elements of the 5 castles forming a new castle.

A closer look (and a listen in the meantime at home) revealed: the 2 CDs contain exactly the same tracks as the single disc national release of the official album in the US! I don't know why they did split it up - maybe to be able to ask for a higher price?

Still for those of us who collect CDs regardless of content this might be good to know...



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Yo ho yo ho Dirk my Friend,

as Dirk knows (since he told me about this wonderful board for the first time in Japan) i'm new to the boards!

anyway; abouth the 50 years Cd release; there might also be a techncial reason for the split; quality.

I actually have a pretty decent HI-Fe system at home (LINN / a scotish make) and the disk does sound strikingly good.

I also checked the song "remember when" (one of the main reasons i brough this wondefull CD along with various unfogetable songs of the disk) and during this piece the HDCD (High definition CD) light was on my Unidisk player...

...we might need to check the bit rate etc but I wouldnt be surprised if TDR CD's where of extremly high quality and bitrates.

TTFN tatatafornow

Hiya Y'all!

Actually, I sent Japan the very same Master we used for the single disc here in the US. However, when Avex realized that it was nearly and 80 minute CD, the informed me that their manufacturing cannot handle the exessive length and asked if they can split the album in two.

Japan used the same master so there is no difference in bit rates. They just had to split the album for manufacturing purposes.

Hope that helps,
Randy Thornton


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Thanks for the info Randy,

just to know, is this disk HDCD enocoded, and quality wise which would you suggest are th best made (hi-fi quality wise) disney disk out there on the market?

obviously I would love some SACD (Super Audio CD - a Sony and other company new top quality encoding) or DVD- Audio disks but I do suppose there is not enought market support for them.