I was at both shows last night and tonight; the music is okay; a lot of it are just updated pop remixes of classic songs. Some of the arrangements/remixes work, while others don't and fall flat. Overall, it's an awesome show though and the fact that it revolves around the Haunted Mansion attraction itself was clever (dare I say, it's even better than the normal version of Wishes that runs daily!)
Hi Guys!

It is an awesome show featuring villain's themes from many Disney classics. It works really well and is a lot longer than expected. Although it does not have the buzz or tingle factor of Wishes, it's perfect for the season. From my memory (though not in any particular order) the following music is used, feel free to add any I missed:

Grim Grinning Ghosts
This Is Halloween
Poor Unfortunate Souls
The Elegant Captain Hook
Trust In Me
The Court of Miracles
Cruella De Vil
Be Prepared
Oogie Boogie's Song
Night on Bald Mountain
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
Jafar's Theme
The Skeleton Dance
Heffalumps and Woozles
Pink Elephants on Parade

Have a magical day!!!

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Hey, yall!

I just saw a video of this show, WOW! I really hope it comes out on CD (maybe along with "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party"). Does anyone know anything about a possible CD release? Thanks!!!!

Have a great day,

PS: The guy who sings most all of the solo's is AMAZING!!!!! Points for him.


Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

does the HalloWishes include the Wishes song at any point or is it maybe played after the end of the fireworks?

Just wondering...

Maybe they could come up with a "Wishes through the seasons" CD including the regular Wishes and the different versions they us e.g. for Halloween, Christmas etc.?

Hey Dirk!

Happy Hallowishes has no reference to the Wishes melody at all, it's all villains based. I do hpe they release the music!

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Hey there,

Let me add to the chorus of those BLOWN AWAY by Hallowishes! Better than Illiminations, better than Wishes, better than anything in recent memory... all IMHO, of course!

I asked a lady in the Emporium about the soundtrack being available for the show and she told me "everybody keeps asking that, but no - it's not available". Wow, just how hard does one have to knock on Disney's thick skull to get them to realize there's so much more money to be made while at the same time making your guests insanely happy!!! I figure I am one person asking one clerk and I learn of lots of requests. Multiply that by all the interested guests and all the clerks who were asked... you can't tell me that this wouldn't be a great seller for WDW!

As to the show itself, I loved the newer versions of some classics like Poor Unfortunate Souls and Mr. Oogie Boogie! It sounded to me like they used the original voice talents too. And to have the whole think hosted by the Ghost Host? Wow and more wow!

The fireworks were amazing, especially the finale when it was all around us and the night was brighter than the mid-day sun. And there were projections - ghosts, pumpkins, etc - all over the castle the entire time.

Can you tell I was impressed? ;D

--Dr Disney


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If you go to Dinsey Central Torrents, you can download a video of HalloWishes that has the source audio.


Hey - thanks for the link. I had never heard of Torrent before, but got Google to tell me all about it. (BTW - if anyone here hasn't seen the Google Halloween logo today, it is worth a look :)

Anyway... it seems a bit difficult to use (to me). I appreciate the link though, and it gives me hope I may be able to locate the audio file (mp3) for it somewhere sometime soon.

--Dr. Disney


That's why I love Disney and Disney music! Something with this quality done for a limited time event like this just shows that they care about what is put out to their guests!

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Like I said about the Original Wishes, I can't stand how they work the characters dialogue into the show. In Wishes, I thought it bugged me that they were twisting the original films lines to fit the theme of the show (ie: adding "wish" to lines that didn't have them in the films, even if it didn't sound very good). I realized that with HalloWishes, what really bugs me is that they could easily just right new dialogue for these characters. Instead they cut and paste bits of dialogue- and yet they rerecord it! Ursula has a part in this new show, and while all her dialogue is newly performed, she just repeats a bunch of stuff that she said in the Little Mermaid. Even the words of her spell, which in the film was a bunch of latin or faux latin specifically written to be a "voice stealing spell" using words like "laryngitis and "voce" (or voice), is reused exactly, and thus doesn't make sense as a "Halloween causing trouble" spell. The whole approach makes the characters seem less real, more like toys with strings that you just pull to hear your favorite phrase. They could have easily written cool new dialogue for these villains and I'm sure they intentionally used memorable phrases, but to me the effect isn't a positive one.


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X-S Tech-

Do we know for sure that they re-recorded it specifically for the fireworks show, though? Using the Ursula speech you mentioned...couldn't they have used a different take that Pat Carroll had recorded back in 1980-something? The "laryngitis/voce"words would have been the same but the inflection might have been very different...and that might not have cost them nearly as much, if anything, as getting her back into the studio for "X" amount of time.

Just musing...

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Well I don't know the exact origin of those lines- perhaps tehy are reused. They did record some new material though, mostly as filler between the reused lines. My complaint is the same though.


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I do see what you mean, however I do actually like it. I always enjoy it when disney tries to blend old and new-but there are exceptions. I really love some of the original music of Hallowishes, and new voice recording (Oogie Boogie, some of the "filler" songs, etc) I also do see talent in how well they can have old voicework blend with new. Overall, i did enjoy HalloWishes this year, and can't wait for Holiday Wishes later this month.

by the way, does anyone know who the Ghost Host is in this show? sounds a bit like Joe Leahey (did the new WDW load speil and I believe DL's too)