Halloween Post #2--Haunted Mansion book/magazine

Though technically OT--tis the season! I just wanted to be sure everyone was aware of a couple of new Haunted Mansion items:

1. Book: The Haunted Manison, From the Magic Kingdom to the Movies, by Jason Surrell; The definitive Haunted Mansion book, hands down, filled with wonderful historical information and concept artwork on the Mansions here, and overseas as well! Unfortunately only available in softcover, from what I could find--$19.95. It ends with a section on the upcoming movie, although the real heart of the book concerns the attraction itself. An essential addition to the bookshelf.

2. Magazine: Haunted Attraction; First time I've spotted this one at Borders--it features a good article by Doombuggies.com host Jeff Baham, as he tours the sets from the upcoming Haunted Mansion movie--and from what he's seen, he thinks it'll be a definite thumbs up!

I'm going to be interested in seeing how well it does in comparison with Pirates--scary skeletons in both.....OK..... but I don't suppose Mr. Murphy will draw in the teenage girls like Mr. Depp, so I'd guess Pirates will take the prize......we'll see......

My wife found the book for me at Borders......and thank you for reminding me again about that Persistence of Vision issue--you hailed it before on one of the World's Fair posts. I just need to order all the remaining issues I don't have(xerox copies or not) and be done with it, while Paul still has them available, along with those audiocassettes of interesting interviews and such.

Speaking of Paul Anderson, there was some talk about a new issue of Persistence of Vision this summer, but that apparently hasn't materialized as of yet.
Yes...but keep in mind...

that Eddie Murphy (as much as I dislike him) will draw a whole demographic that wouldn't be caught dead at Pirates. Look at Daddy Daycare. That did substantial business considering the largely horrific reviews. He has a built in audience that will go to anything he is in because he is "funny" regardless if the movie is done well or not.

And just to keep this post on topic...Will the soundtrack be lightly sprinkled with hip-hop? Disney could market the parental guidance version and the 'family friendly" version for all of those soccer moms out there.

Must be my one marketing class kicking in....


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I'm a regular on Doombuggies.com and it's my impression that Don Hahn and Co. are HUGE fans on the HM and are really playing the movie as straight as possible. Even though including hip-hop might boost sales slightly, I don't think they will, just to maintain integrity.

BTW, I saw the previews (same ones as they're showing in the MGM behind-the-scenes attraction) as well as a 2-minute clip of the movie on Sunday...where the busts are singing to Eddie Murphy. Sounds like the Dapper Dans and it WAS pretty funny .

I'm starting to have faith in this movie. Despite Eddie Murphy .

I know Halloween is upon us, but is the mention of "hip hop" just you guys trying to scare me, or is it a substantiated rumor??? And while we're on the Haunted Mansion movie, has anyone heard who's doing the score?

I'm still going with Johnny Depp and Pirates, but maybe that's because we've been doing a "Johnny Depp retrospective" this past week, in part because of Halloween, in part because I wanted to review his work--Ed Wood, The Ninth Gate--wow, still figuring that one out; by the way, two great scores, Howard Shore, Wojciech Kilar.

Ed Wood

Was the great unseen movie of the 90's. I was anxiously awaiting the release of Ed Wood on DVD (all I have now is a crusty old tape), and suddenly it was pulled from the schedule. I understand that release was cancelled due to Burton wanting to do more than put out a bare bones DVD. If they wanted to do it on the cheap they could always insert the bonus material from the LD. You know...I hope that they don't forget the kiddy market and only release this classic in wide screen. I would hate to see anyone being deprived of the total full frame experience. And while their at it...I hope that they clog the second (bonus) disc with some of those scintillating DVD games that we have all grown to love so well. I mean...why include an irrelevant Ed Wood bio when they could have a game where the viewer helps Ed to locate his lost favorite angora sweater. ;)

If you want to have a Johnny Depp film festival don't forget Johnny's portrayal of Hunter Thompson in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (wait...this is another great unseen movie of the 90's). Instead of channeling the still living (sorta) Keith Richards, Johnny channels the still living (sorta) Dr. of Gonzo Journalism. With similar results I might add. I have found that, like The Great Lewbowski, Fear and Loathing gets better with every viewing.


According to TowerRecords.com, this is the track listing for the Haunted Mansion: Haunted Hits CD being released on 11/25

1. Superstition - Raven
2. Right Place, Wrong Time - Brian O'Neal & The Bus Boys
3. I Put A Spell On You - Calvin Richardson
4. Somebody's Watching Me - Morris Day
5. Spooky - Tay & Ty
6. Boogie Man, The - The Jackson 5
7. Tombstone - Suzanne Vega
8. Bump In The Night - Jack
9. Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
10. Man With The Hex - The Atomic Fireballs
11. Grim, Grinning, Ghosts - Barenaked Ladies
12. Overture - Mark Mancina
13. Grim, Grinning, Ghosts - Singing Busts
Thanks Bean--I know we're straying into dangerous OT territory, but there still is the Johnny Depp/Tim Burton connection to Disney......anyway.....

I hate to admit that this was my first viewing of Ed Wood--I can't believe I'd been saving it in its shrink wrap for......I won't say how long--amazing performance by Depp(and, of course, Martin Landau as Lugosi--"Pull the string!"). Immediately after watching it(full screen video) I checked on the DVD availability--and found what you already knew; and after that, I ordered the soundtrack--interesting 50's/60's sounds by Howard Shore(hard to believe its by the same composer of the LOTR trilogy)--pieces of dialogue in it as well.

Next will probably be "From Hell"(I've listened to the soundtrack already by Trevor Jones, a brooding score)--but I'll keep "Fear and Loathing" in mind--as a matter of fact, I was flipping through the book in Borders on Sunday.

DisneyFanatic--thanks for the track listing....wow, I don't know what to make of it. Are they all songs that are going to be in the movie--some genuinely scary stuff......the Jackson Five?. I'm interested in the Singing Busts track, possibly Oingo Boingo(Danny Elfman's old group), Mark Mancina(is he scoring the picture?), but otherwise.....sounds pretty frightening.

Ed Wood SE

Lifted from dvdfile.com

After months of delays, Buena Vista Home Entertainment has announced a new street date and full specs for the eagerly-awaited Ed Wood. This Tim Burton biopic and instant cult favorite will now be released on February 3rd, complete with a 1.85:1 anamorphic widescreen transfer, Dolby Digital 5.1 surround track, audio commentary with Burton, Oscar winner Martin Landau, screenwriters Scott Alexander & Larry Karazewski, costume designer Colleen Atwood, and cinematographer Stefan Czapsky, deleted scenes, the "Let's Shoot This F#*%@r!" documentary, additional "The Theremin," "Making Bela," "Pie Plates Over Hollywood" and "When Carol Met Larry" featurettes, an original music video and the original theatrical trailer. Retail for this two-disc set will be $29.95.
Thanks Bean--maybe it was the "vibes" of this upcoming release that got me to finally rip off the shrink wrap from my video and finally watch it--thankfully! This also might be an audio commentary that I have to listen to--and a featurette on the theremin? Much better than your "Find Ed's angora sweater" idea! It's on my list!