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I noticed that the bulk of the music that plays in the Current version of Hall of Presidents is about the same as what was released on the WDWForever system. But there are a few bars of extra music during the filmed portion that were not on those tracks. My first instinct is that these few moments of extra music were added to cover a longer running time with the new show but I'm not familiar enough with prior versions of the show to know if this is the case. Does anyone know which version of the show the Forever system tracks match (all or just one or two recent versions).

I guess this is sort of a trivial question but that's one of the reasons I love this board!!
I got a chance to hear the three WDW Forever cues for the first time and I can verify that none of the underscore of the 1993-2001 version comes from the underscore of the previous (and superior) 1971-1993 version. Only the arrangement of "Hail To The Chief" during the roll call is similar to the previous version but it's clear that a new recording was used just by comparing the LP soundtrack of the old version to this one.

The initial "America The Beautiful" cue was also used on the 80s-90s "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" as well.

With the complete underscore for the original "Great Moment" (World's Fair version) now out, I hope that one day the underscore for the 1971-1993 "Hall Of Presidents" might surface as well.

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There were 3 WDWForever tracks? I thought there were only 2. The one played during the roll call (Hail to the Chief) and the one played during the filmed portions which I believe was labeled "America the Beautiful" even though it made only passing reference to this song.

Do we know who wrote these beautiful pieces?
There was a deleted cue from the kiosks "Battle Hymn Of The Republic" covering the end of the program. All of the underscore was by Buddy Baker who had done the previous version of "Hall" as well as all versions of "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln". In fact, the fanfare for the current Hall goes all the way back to the original World's Fair program of "Great Moments".
Hope no one minds my ramblings here. It's just that when I read this, I felt like adding a little about what I think of all this...

I love the Hall of Presidents. The LP that I have from the original show is one of my prized posessions. The Buddy Baker score is very stirring. I like the new one too, but I miss the old one.

When I finally heard the World's Fair box set recordings, I realized how much of that original show wound up in the Hall, and I figured that a CD of "Hall" would probably never come around, since it was basically the same stuff, edited differently.

Here's where I ramble (I'm on my second Michelob.) Once when I was about 16, long before the Forever kiosks, and long before the idea of EVER obtaining any of this music, I was sitting in the Hall of Presidents lobby, and I heard the Buddy Baker score played over the PA as background music. I thought to myself, someone somewhere took the time to showcase this, maybe someday there will be a record. Then, about two years ago, I was waiting for Illuminations back by American Adventure, and I went inside the rotunda, when the "Voices" weren't performing. I walked into the center of the room, and guess what I heard playing there? The Baker score from "Presidents." I thought it was the coolest thing.

The funny thing about stuff like all this is when there's no one around for you to say, "Hey, ya know what this music is?" Has that ever happened to you?

Thanks for reading this.

I don't post much, but I read everything, and I have since 1997. I feel like I know everyone. Keep up the great work, and long live the music!
Jeff, I agree completely on the superior underscore of the original program. I especially love the muted fanfare as the curtains over the screen would open and we'd see the big painting of Independence Hall and then it builds up in strength as they move in on the building.

The original Lincoln speech is also dearly missed by me since it is far more timely and relevant to today than ever (and with all due respect to Pete Renoudet, no one could ever do Lincoln better than Royal Dano).

Oh man! Is THAT who that is?!?!? I knew that voice was familiar, but I didn't place it. So that's probably Pete then on the WDW Railroad too? Wow. Thanks for helping me see that! I recognize that voice of Renoudet's all over the place, but Old Pete and Young Pete have a different timbre. You've just helped me make a little more sense out of it all.