Hall of Presidents music


Does anyone one know where there is any Hall of Presidents music avaliable? I am specifically looking for Hail to the cheif and Battle
Hymn of the Republic. thanks!
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I know that "Hail to the Chief" was available on WDW Forever at one time, I believe as part of a longer track of the show's score.
"Battle Hymn of the Republic" is on the Hall of Presidents LP, which floats around on ebay.
I think the real HoP gem is a score track of the music that accompanies Lincoln's old speech, which they used to play in the foyer. I recently heard the same recording in the American Adventure rotunda, at about 9 pm, just before Illuminations, so it's still doing duty.
Hope this is somewhat helpful.
Jeff in NY
I've been looking at the Disney World Forever track listings and it says that in addition to "Hail To The Chief" another Hall Of Presidents cue offered was "America The Beautiful", a Buddy Baker original composition. Can anyone tell me if this is music from the original 1971-1993 soundtrack (released on LP, which I have had transferred to CD and can trade in that format) still used today or whether it was part of the 1993 revision, and what part of the program does it accompany? I do have recollections of the score only for the original program covering the signing of the Constitution and Andrew Jackson playing in the rotunda prior to the show.


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I just downloaded the Hall of President tracks you are asking for at alt.binaries.multimedia.disney. If you know how to use news groups you canget a lot of music there.
Unfortunately, while I seem to have been able to get access to the group I can't figure out how to get older postings from even the last few days which is frustrating in the extreme. Any chance of perhaps e-mailing or trading for those particular tracks if they don't get posted again? Thanks.