Group Project: The Tomorrowland Box Set Project


There are some good whole disc collections floating around right now. There is a great ATIS disc, a REALLY great Space Mt Disc, and a great Honey I Shrunk the Audience disc. Plus you could consider the Carousel of Progress WF disc a collection too.

Then I started thinking....more then any other land, Tomorrowland has warrented more cult classic and enduring attractions then any other...and deserves a box set. Preferabally with each attraction getting a full disc treatment.

Obviously some attractions will have to be collected with others like the flying saucers and autopia and the rocket jets, due to the lack of material for a whole CD. But others can be maybe 2 discs if there is enough. And also european counterpart inclusion should be encouraged (like the Space Mountain's second DLP disc)

Heres the proposal (and nothing should be considered concrete until it is certain that there is interest) for trading and collection purposes..pick an attraction and make a good disc of it...and then we can all trade with each other and create a sense of community within this site :D

AND it could be FUN!

Anyone interested in this? and If so...what attraction would you pick?? Id love to do Star Tours or Alien Encounter (oh wait, should we include wdw?)...if I can find enough material. If YOU want to do Star Tours or Alien Encounter please feel free to...maybe we could pool out resources. Just because someone pics an attraction you want dont let that discourage you...we can work together, too.

Hmmm, I wonder if this would be too big a project to achieve...

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This is a great idea Mark and makes for a really fun project. The problem that I've run up against is finding everything that would really be warranted for an "ultimate" album of an attraction. One of the ones I've been thinking about doing for a long time is a Circle Vision album. While I hardly ever went to see these films at Disneyland (I actually thought they were boring) something about listening to them now is really nostalgic. And there's a good mix of stuff out there to do a pretty good Disneyland Album. But unfortunately there's one or two crucial songs or films that seem to be unavailable and it just seems wrong to leave them out. Plus there's always the temptation that something new will show up just after you've designed and released the album. But who knows. Perhaps if we all pool our resources.

Incidentally apparently there was a Tomorrowland '67 disc (or boxed set, not sure) in the works for Disneyland Forever. Don't know what all was supposed to be on it though I suspect Inner Space would have been the big thing since it wasn't included on the kiosks. I suspect that the prep for this is how all that great Inner Space stuff leaked out. Personally this TL disc wouldn't have interested me much because it seems like every attraction from that era has surfaced in one way or another. Course I'm sure there are all sorts of little treasures that could have been included but I would assume that with trying to cover a whole land like that that only major things would be included like: main shows of Carousel of Progress, Inner Space Flow Thru, Peoplemover Flow Thru, Circle Vision , whereas the real rare stuff tends to be the little boarding safety announcements, isolated music, recording sessions etc... Who knows. Perhaps this will still come to pass. Personally I'd prefer (perhaps for the 50th) CD's of audio from 55. I love the audio from TL in the 50's. You hear it much less frequently and it's ten times cornier. They could include walt's dedication speeches from each land, audio from the DL TV shows describing attractions, and then the actual audio itself. That would be cool.


Well that was my original idea...I wanted to make a disc or 2 discs for each of TLs major eras (55, 67, 98, 2055?) But while listening to my ATIS disc and remembering the superior Space, HISTA discs and WF CoP discs...this idea started germinating in my head...

But XS, I can see what you mean by lack of material...right now a Star Tours disc for me would consist of the full queue tracks, ride thru, and exit music...and then the OA tracks...and thats it :( not very interesting and probably what everyone else has.

Hopefully there CAN be a sense of sharing for a common purpose.

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Well even if it is stuff that everyone else has already, it's nice to have it all organized onto one disc. Sometimes it's worth doing just to do the artwork and covers anyway. They're the most fun part of it.


Yes!! but...dont feel pressure to make a high quality labels and stuff if you can't no big deal...but, if you want to, by all means please do :D

Also, I think the emphisis should be on the produce, names should be left out of this...just so everyone is comfortable with their privacy and stuff.


Why not just wait for the DL 50th releases? Unless legal decides otherwise, the box set will document nearly every attraction which featured audio, while the two-disc edition will be more of a "greatest hits."

Of course, these things don't always work out (witness "Disneyland Goes To The World's Fair") but let's keep our fingers crossed on this one.



wow, cause I didnt know there WAS a 50th release!!

Do tell :D Is there something somewhere about this?
"Of course, these things don't always work out (witness "Disneyland Goes To The World's Fair")"

Of course that wasn't a *total* failure for those of us who were anxious to just get the tracks. ;)


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It's ironic that this Tomorrowland idea has come up since I have a sort-of similar idea.

I have something of a "goal" of creating a CD of the WDW Tomorrowland area music that was played until last year.

Using as a guide, so far I have:
Behind the Watefall
Bubble Shuffle
Elsewhere, all taken from "The Sound of Magic", and I have links to 30-second clips of "Inside the Sky", "Summer's Day" and "Fire Ritual".

Any thoughts on this?

Jessica L

Robert, I made a CD with the Tomorrowland loop a few years ago and it is one of my favorites to listen to!

Since I had a ton of extra room, I also put the Space Warp, Star Tunnel, and Speed Ramp music from WDW Space Mountain and the Space Mountain theme from DLP on the CD as well. They work with the area loop very nicely.

This post actually reminds me that I have yet to create a CD label for this disc - I made the cover insert at the same time, but never found a good picture for the disc itself. Maybe I should get on that... :)

If you need any help tracking down any of the songs - just drop me an e-mail and I'd me more than happy to help!

And I'm still searching for the current loop if anyone happens to have a copy - I haven't been able to find it on mIRC (which has been acting really screwy for me lately...) but I would love a copy - heard it this January and thought it sounded really nice.

the major Tomorrowland dates that were mentioned in an earlier post mentioned 1955, 1967, 1998, 2055.......
to other major group dates would have to include 1959 and maybe a 1977. a 1977 disc would ofcourse include
Space Mountain....The PeopleMover Thru The Fantastic Superspeed Tunnel (this was when the peoplemover music was added that was used up untill the attraction's closure)...but also the 1977 Space Mt. Plaza music by Don 1976 "America The Beautiful" was done with specially added scenes for the Bicentennial, plus the entire que area and preshow changed to feature "the Reach out a touch someone" song.......The Autopia spiels were updated...and in1974 was America ya gotta have a '70's Tomorrowland Disc in there add some more Tomorrowland discs to the set!! And if someone
out there has the 1967 Tomorrowland Circle-Vision theme "THE TALK SONG" Please let me know!!

And do any of you Eastern Seaboard folks remember the WDW Mission To Mars pre show "The Mad Mars Myth"?? featured many scenes from MARS AND BEYOND........but I'd love to hear again the attraction narration that went to that......

also you all know the 1967 Circle-Vision post show had a great deal more than those "Small Fry character phones" .........anyone have the tracks featuring the funky
music to the BELL Computer Controll exhibit??....

(funky music)......"Your standing in front of a model
of the world's largest computer."....(musical comput
er bleeps to funky music)......"The Bell Telephone Co
mpany's electronic brain......."....etc.etc....etc.

or the Bell "Picta-Phone" display......."A new view in

anyway.......that defucnt Tomorrowland 1967 disc set was gonna have a hell of a lot more stuff on it then you are aware of........



So, Im putting together a star tours disc. so far the tracks are going to include:

Peoplemover Star Tours speil
Maintainance bay
Goose droids 1
Goose droids 2
Pre flight
exit music
Goose tracks 1 and 2 Pitch corrected (so you can hear the actors without the high voices)
Official album (OA) Star Tours advert theme
OA Kdroid music
OA Full ride score
Full Exit music
Welding Sound FX

As you can see, there really isnt much there. But if anyone is interested. Let me know :) Maybe someone has stuff to add to it? Even foreign Star Tours material? :)

See how this works?? We pool together our resources to make great archive discs of each attraction ;)


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This is a very cool project.

I just discovered the very cool Disney Music Loops website. I was thinking, in addition to these area loop lists, it would be great to compile lists of all the audio available for each attraction, sort of like the WDW Song Archive only more extensive. Of course, with attractions like The Haunted Mansion, even doing one list is a big task!

I wish you guys success with Tomorrowland!