Grin and BEAR it ... BROTHER here is my review


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Thanks Jeff. I've actually been looking forward to seeing Brother Bear, which, with the exception of Lilo & Stitch, is the first Disney animated feature I've ACTIVELY wanted to see since the late 1990's. With your review, it's even moreso.

BTW, please check your e-mail. Thanks!

Great news--thanks for the encouraging review, Jeff; I had the same thought about talking animals--it was time for them to come back for a visit.


Jessica L

Thank you so much for the great review! Now I'm even more excited to see the film. Hopefully I won't have too long to wait.

Hey Jeff--a question, something I've wondered about since I first heard about Brother Bear, and I won't know for sure until I see the movie--did you have any problem with too much similarity between this film and The Emperor's New Groove, with the human-to-animal thing?

Oh BTW stay for the end of the credits if I would have to tell this group.

but sometimes that large coke you had with the popcorn is knocking loudly!



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If it gets you to write April Fools messages again, I'll accept anything...

Still have an e-mail waiting for ya, HINT HINT .

Isn't the case closed with regards to traditional animation on the big screen(not referring to the part 2's, 3's, 4's...... for home video release only)--hasn't the decision been made already to ax it for the near future?

I didn't think Brother Bear would be at all influential in that move.

I thought that was Bean's Job?

In the past being the curmudgeon was my job. However, recently I have become so entrenched in the past to as to have missed most new Disney product. It's sort of like listening to young "artists" (yes, I am using this term loosely) like Beyonce and Justin Timberlake and realizing that I can't relate at all to what is popular today. I am totally out of touch with what is going on in music today (well that?s not totally true...I like the White Stripes and the Strokes), and it truly feels wonderful. I was listening to the new SACD version of Blonde on Blonde yesterday when I realized that Bob Dylan would have a difficult time being heard today if he was a young artist. I don't know...maybe if he could dance around with his shirt off....and he had a six pack. Today it's not so much about music as it is aerobics. And don't give me any of that "every generation has its own music" argument, as my music collection is pretty vast and includes everything from Charley Patton to Frank Sinatra. I can find a lot of things that I like in most music...but Beyonce? Am I missing something?

Wait a minute...this sounds pretty curmudgeonly, doesn't it?

Hey I haven't lost my touch!

Bill, feel free to assume the curmudgeon mantle anytime that you feel up to wearing it. I haven't seen Brother Bear (or finding Nemo either). However, knowing me, my review would probably read much like yours (only not as well written).

Hey Sharon...if I meet you at the AC in February do I get a photo also. ;)


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Bean....not being able to relate to "new" music doesn't necessarily mean you're a curmudgeon...just that you're old .

February at AC = give me a date and you'll get a picture of me beforehand, yes. Either that, or you can ask virtually anyone who works there which one "Sharon" is. Seriously...just ask a performer, server, bartender, you name it . Yeah, I gotta get a life one of these days...

Whoah, Bean.....Charley Patton, Sinatra.....when I saw those names, I had to chime in......add in some Son House, Al Jolson, a pinch of Armstrong, and you've got my motley collection.....only have Blonde on Blonde on LP, though.....and there was that foray into Nirvana/"alternative" music--but it all compliments Ukelele Ike very nicely......

Now, I'm off to the Brother Bear soundtrack.......

To Mike Frezon and other non-curmudgeons:

Don't fret Mike. There are always those who will detract and try and take away our hope. BB won't save Disney Animation, only a bit of refreshment or a new angle to the medium will do that. We seem to be in the same spot Animation was in around the time of Fox and the Hound and Black Cauldron, before Disney was a behemoth. Yet what can beat good music, drama and a happy ending. (the backgrounds are dazzling when I noticed). And lord knows I have no compunction on being critical. I always believe that "Ya just gotta have hope". Even when most of the town seems on fire.

[However I also have a collection ranging from Madonna, Civil War songs, Gaelic poetry, Burl Ives Dwight Yoakam and Miles Davis ,, and Ella. Does that qualify as eclectic enough?]

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Is that by line too obvious?
I'm excited. . . I love the whole nature setting.

Except I really think characters singing could have saved it over that mediocre line.

*sigh* Are we EVER going to get big, original numbers with characters? "Be Our Guest," "Under the Sea. . ." and nearly every film before...

What a shame. :mad: :mad: :mad: :- :'( :'(
Ostrich central responds..

ooooh. There was a little thunder in that post.

"The Gods have been angered by all the celebrating"

Or "The curmudgeons have been upset by the positive energy flow"

From what I see the real animation is being done in the far east anyway. You don't think that those folks would eventually come to work for a lil' old company like the Mouse do ya? Nah, probably not, we would need "continuity". Maybe, maybe not.

We all have areas that particularly prick our sensibilities . I am more concerned about Disneyland currently than feature animation. I can even get just a shade ..negative, about the DLResort. But I can still hope Matt Ouimet will turn it around can't I?

I'll keep hoping for the renaissance and you keep prophesying the Dark Ages. There still won't be any real difference between how much is really in the glass.

...and BTW Aladdin and the King of Thieves was the only direct to video I've ever purchased. You and I aren't so far apart on that after all.
It's starting to become all too obvious what the unfortunate scenario will be......when the new toy called CGI finally becomes boring and gets shelved......the wheel will have to be reinvented--that's, unfortunately, gonna take a while.....