Great "Parks" track on Meet the Robinsons

Gosh. You disappear for a couple years and the whole look of the forum changes! ;D

Glad to see all is still well with you, Trent...and all the denizens of MMotM!

Anyway...I just thought I'd drop in and dutifully report a great 'find" on the new OST for Meet the Robinsons. I did a search on the subject and didn't seem to find a mention of this yet on the board. Forgive me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, a 'bonus track' found on the CD is a version of Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow as recorded by the band They Might Be Giants.

This track is very faithful to the original concept and recordings for the attraction and sounds terrific! It definitely leaves you wanting for more. If you haven't already, check it out!

Be good.

Am looking forward to seeing the film, but don't know if the song is actually used in the film or not.
OMG!!!!! i heard that and had to download on itunes.....ITS AMAZING.... all i can say is if they bring back the attraction to disneyland.....USE THIS GROUP FOR THE VOCAL and the lead singer for the narrative.... I LOVED IT!

MUCH better than current raspy version at WDW


Can't remember it from the movie ... and since it is listed as "BONUS TRACK" on the release here in Germany I'd assume that it is not playing in the movie. But: GREAT TRACK!

This is fun! I even got reacquainted with some old friends.

Any other old timers still around? Sharon, Jeff in OC, Bean?

Thanks to everyone for responding. I'm still looking forward to seeing the movie--even if the track isn't included. I know in the trailer I saw a glimpse of Tomorrowland! I figured maybe they snuck it in somewhere.

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Several of the early previews and pitch reels had the "Kaleidophonic" version of GBBT underscoring the shot of Todayland. I hoped against hope that it would remain in the final film in some form.


Ah, was that you Bill who fought with her all the time here? ;D Ah, those were the good days huh?
Ah, memories. Just so you know, some of us still meet at the flagpole every morning hoping to catch a glimpse of 'ol Lem. We miss him, too. (Sniffle.)