Great MSEP article!

A pal got me this magazine today at a convention here in Orlando. There were two copies. He got one for himself and one for me. Truth be told, he got them cuz of the Golden Girls (we both have an unhealthy obsession! LOL) but there is a cool 2 page article about MSEP (scanned and posted below).



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It looks like they're linked to his Photobucket account, so they aren't least that's my guess.

Let's see if I can do it...



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Ok, well, I just used the "insert image" and put a direct link to my picture in there...and it seemed to work.

Anyway, thanks for the articles, SpectroPluto, they are nice to read.


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Click on the image and let it load from photobucket and then right click it and "save image as".
If you try and save it from here you only get the small thumbnail, not the full size scan.
Great article, thanks. ;D
it looks like theres more then 2 pages I was reading p. 2 and at the end there were more words but the page ended.

it ends on (what's marked as) page 25:

Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland, thanks to the hundreds performers, costumers, electricians, and other cast members, on and off stage, who help brighten our spirits with their magical creation.
;D Electrifying article and a great bast to the past. Thanks for sharing.
I had found the original Version that I had done alas I had done 2 versions since that one (the one I had found was the one wgere I had just put the Neon Fiinale music in it's proper order. the latest one I did (about 2 or so years ago now) has the Disney's Electriical Parade Opening and closing as there are unitts from various parks. if I ever find a copy of that tape I'll let everyone here know as soon as I do. the mickey's 60th Birthday float loop WAS supposed to be coming to me from JeffInNY (guess I can shoot that oout the window since nobody's heard from him in foorever) Speaking of folks who've dropped of the face of the earth... WHERE'S SHARON!
the lucky duck! my god i would've though she'd have chained herself to the front doors of of the AC eh her hubby might have had something to say about that if she had.