Great Movie Ride question


I'm at WDW this week for the marathon, and went to MGM this morning. In the Chinese Theater lobby queue for the Great Movie Ride, an instrumental piano version of "Love Came For Me" (from the movie Splash) was playing. I love this song, and was wondering if anyone knows the source of this recording and whether it is commercially available.


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There was a limited CD release of the original soundtrack back in 2000, which featured three versions (vocal, solo guitar, solo sax).

However, I have a feeling that the version you're after is one of the following two rerecordings of the theme:

1. Originally recorded for a CD titled "Charles Gerhardt Conducts the Film Music of Lee Holdridge", with the London Symphony Orchestra. As I recall, it begins with a solo piano statement of the theme and then swells into a full-blown orchestral arrangement.

The same recording is also available on a CD titled "Ron Howard: Passions & Achievements". You can hear a snippet of it here (track 3).

You can purchase the Gerhardt CD at Screen Archives.

2. Recorded by Erich Kunzel & the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra for a CD titled "Sailing". Telarc's page for the CD is here, and a clip of it can be heard here (track 5).

It's possible that both rerecordings come from the same arrangement, which may make telling them apart based on listening to the clips difficult.

For more information regarding some of the various releases featuring music from SPLASH, also check out Soundtrack Collector.


Thanks for the info - I have the soundtrack CD, and am sure that it is not on that. I'm not sure that either of these are what I heard either, because as far as I could tell it was a solo piano version without any other instrumentation. Should have asked while I was there - I've known cast members to have song lists for various attraction loops...