great movie ride music ques!!


does anyone know if the music played during these scenes are from a movie or if its custom made for the ride itself?

bank robbery scene during the shootout
the scene where the CM's touch the giant ruby and pay with their lives
the gangster scene
pharoah's tomb

also can someone identify these music tracks from the grand final movie: (here is what i have so far)

That's Entertainment

The Entertainer
Showboat - Cotton Blossom
Beverly Hills Cop - Axel F
2001 a space oddysey - opening fanfare
Fantasia - Dance of the Hours
Gone With The Wind - Tara's Theme
Star Wars - End Titles

Hooray for Hollywood "Overture"

also any info on which versions, who composed them, and/or if available on cd, would be greatly appreciated!

i would love to find it if posible! TIA for all info posted here~