Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln


While I am familiar with the history of GMWML, I have heard the World's Fair tracks and have questions.

Did Disneyland use the same identical show soundtrack when GMWML opened in Anahiem? Did the small film about Illinois play there too? Was there a slide show or did the audience sit and get right to it?

When Disneyland and WDW used to have combo albums, there was a Great Moments track too, with the Battle Hymn playing. Where did this track come from? The WDW version?

One of the most bizarre tracks I thought DLF put out was the GMWML track "Opening." I listened to my later bootleg versions and the Opening track was not to be heard. However, this lines up with the World's Fair CD track. So, I am using the elimination process and guessing that the original soundtrack at the World's Fair also doubled for the California show. Of course I could be wrong and this is just another Club 33 and ballad of Thunder Mountain fiasco.

I'm basically trying to decipher what tracks ran at Disneyland GMWML and place this up for discussion so that we can all learn from it.

I can add that the load music from the world's fair did indeed line up with the last GMWML version, before the gettysburg show took over.

On a sidebar, I have yet to see any primeval or grand canyon tracks appear other than the background music tracks. There are birds, thunderstorms, dinosaur soundtracks etc. anyone have these?


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The Lincoln Speech and Battle Hymn of the Republic that appeared on the old Official Album was supposed to be taken from The Hall of Presidents (having not heard any of the earlier HofP shows I can't verify). I do know that Lincolns speech on that album was very close to the version at Disneyland and the WF.

The track labeled "Opening" from the Forever system was part of the DL Show (at least as it ran just prior to Gettysburg) but it wasn't the opening. It was just the last couple of lines that Paul Frees spoke before Lincoln appeared. And yes this was taken from the WF.

It should be noted that the last version (prior to Gettysburg) that played at Disneyland wasn't the original show. I don't know how many versions there were of the main show but I know that it was altered at least once after EPCOT opened to incorporate elements from the American Adventure (Two Brothers and the music for the finale). I have always suspected that the show was also altered once prior to that to use stuff from Hall of Presidents, but I may be wrong about that.

The Load music from Mr Lincoln was at the very top of my wish list for things that I hoped to be released on DL Forever.